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Тест: TAAS- Mathematics

Описание теста:
Required exam for Texas high school students. This exam measures the basic reading, writing and mathemetic skills necessary to graduate high school.
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Ron worked part-time at a pet store. During the last 4 weeks, he worked 26.5 hours, 18 hours, 16.5 hours, and 21 hours. What was his mean (average) work time for these 4 weeks?

Ms. Bateman recorded her weekly grocery bill for 4 weeks. The amounts were $90, $85, $115, and $90. What was the mean (average) of the grocery bills?

Which shows the lengths in order from shortest to longest?

The square root of 117.7 is between which pair of consecutive integers?

For the first 4 months of the year, the ratio of car sales to truck sales at J&J's Motors was 8 to 3. If 72 trucks were sold, how many cars were sold?

Omar is making chili for the family reunion. According to his recipe, 2 batches of chili will feed 9 people. How many batches should he make to feed 108 people?

The Italian unit of currency is the lira (plural lire). In 1994, 10,000 lire were equal to 6 U.S. dollars. If a book cost $15 in U.S. currency, what was the cost in lire?

Samuel's family drinks an average of 10 gallons of milk in a 13-week period. At this rate, how many gallons of milk will Samuel's family drink in 1 year?

It takes a housekeeper at a motel 40 minutes to clean a room that has 1 bed and 50 minutes to clean a room that has 2 beds. On a particular day the housekeeper needs to clean 2 rooms with 1 bed each and 6 rooms with 2 beds each. How much time will the housekeeper spend cleaning these 8 rooms?

Brian received a bill from an auto repair shop for maintenance done on his car. He was charged $98.95 for brake work, $19.90 for an oil change, and $32.50 for a tune-up. If Brian was also charged $73.25 for parts, how much was the total bill, not including tax?

The recycling center will pay $0.35 per pound for scrap aluminum. Mr. Webber has 18 sheets of aluminum that he wants to recycle. If each aluminum sheet weighs 1.5 pounds and is 1/4 inch thick, how much money will Mr. Webber receive for the 18 sheets?

A restaurant bought 102 pounds of beef for $318. Which is the best estimate of how much the restaurant paid per pound?

Margaret planted a tree 5 feet tall in her front yard. It grew an average of 3 feet per year. If the tree is now 38 feet tall, which equation can be used to find y, the number of years since Margaret planted the tree?

A toy is packaged in a box 1 foot long by 1 foot high by 1 foot wide. How many of these boxes should fit in a shipping crate that is 48 inches high , 24 inches wide, and 60 inches long?

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