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Тест: AP - Chemistry*

Описание теста:
The AP Chemistry exam is divided into 2 sections. The first section consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. This section is worth 45% of your total score. Section I is divided into 3 categories. These consist of: Calculations, Conceptual, and Factual.
The second section of this exam consists of four categories. These are: writing and predicting chemical equations, an equilibrium problem, mathematical essays, and nonmathematical essays. This is worth a total of 55% of your exam.
This exam will cover Section I of the AP Chemistry exam. You may use a periodic table on this section.
AP is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Eamination Board, which does not endorse this website.
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Within a specified period, an increase in atomic number is usually accompanied by:

How many electrons can exist in all the atomic orbitals that correspond to the principal quantum number 4?

An atom of carbon-14 contains:

Which molecule is nonpolar and has a symmetrical shape?

Which bond is the most stable based on the table below?

BondEnergy Released in Formation

Which ion has the largest radius?

What mass contains 6.0 * 1023 atoms?

Which metal atoms can form ionic bonds by losing electrons from both the outermost and next to outermost principal energy levels?

Which group contains elements composed of diatomic molecules at STP?

Which group in the periodic table contains elements that are all gases at STP?

Which period of the periodic table contains more metallic elements than non metallic elements?

The total number of electrons in a neutral atom of every element is always equal to the atom's:

At STP, which gas has properties most similar to those of an ideal gas?

In which of the following does hydrogen have an oxidation number of -1?

Which is an empirical formula?

Which compound is a strong the electrolyte?

When NaOH(aq) reacts completely with HCL(aq) and the resulting solution is evaporated to dryness, the solid remaining is:

What is the total mass and grams of 0.75 mole of SO2?

The volume of a given mass of an ideal gas at constant pressure is

Which statement describes a chemical property of the element iodine?

In which compound does hydrogen have an oxidation number of -1?

Under which conditions does a real gas behave most nearly like an ideal gas?

Which statement best describes an electron?

Adding a catalyst to a chemical reaction will:

Which pH value indicates the most basic solution?

What is the oxidation number of oxygen in HSO4- ?

Which change occurs when an Sn2+ ion is oxidized?

Which equation represents the phase change called sublimation?

How many calories are equivalent 235 kilocalories?

Which electron configuration represents an atom in an excited state?

The atomic number of any atom is equal to the number of:

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