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Тест: ACT - Science

Описание теста:
Exam Description:
The ACT Assessment is designed to assess high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work.
The tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning.
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Which one of the following is not in the insect family?

A protozoan never contains

Charles Darwin suggested that species evolve by means of

Coal is formed by the compression of

Photosynthesis in plants does not require the availability of

pH is a measure of

What is mitosis?

Gamma rays are

Bases do not have which one of these particles?

When measured on the pH scale an acid is

When light travels from one medium into another, the light beam can be bent. This refers to

The number of cycles per unit time of a wave is

The outermost layer of the Earth is the crust. The crust has which of the following properties?

Density is defined as

Humans have ___ pairs of chromosomes in each cell.

The site of photosynthesis in a plant is the

Covalent bonds involve the _____ of electrons.

Which of the following is not a trait of an anabolism in the metabolism process?

When two like charges approach each other, they experience

The volume of a gas varies

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