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Тест: ACT - Mathematics Usage

Описание теста:
Exam Description:
The ACT Assessment is designed to assess high school students' general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work.
The tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning.
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John currently has enough money to buy 45 books. If the cost of each book was 10 cents less, John could buy 5 more books. How much money does John have to spend on books?

How many 3-person committees can be formed in a club with 8 members?

Sara has some oranges. She sold 40% more than she ate. If she sold 70 oranges, how many did she eat?

Find x if 6.4/x = 4/7.

Peter's weight is 12 pounds more than twice Susan's weight. Find Peter's weight if together they weigh 150 pounds.

If 6x - 3y = 30 and 4x = 2 - y then find x + y.

In the figure, AB || CE, AE = 12, DE = 6, and CE = 4. What is the length of AB?

Mike received a 10% raise each month for 3 consecutive months. What was his salary after the three raises if his starting salary was $1000 per month?

The three angles of a triangle are 3x, x + 10, and 2x - 40. Find the size of the smallest angle in the triangle?

100 people will attend a dance if tickets cost $0.30 each. For each 5 cent increase in price, 10 fewer people will attend. What price will deliver the maximum dollar sales?

Which of the following sets is not closed under addition?

Jane can mow a lawn in 2 hours. Henry can mow the same lawn in 1.5 hours. About how long will it take to mow the lawn if Jane and Henry worked together?

Which of the following could not be a solution to: 4 - 3x < -3?

In the figure AB = BC, CD = BD, and angle CAD = 70. What is the measure of angle ADC?

Given the five integers 6, 7, 12, 13, 32, which of the following statements is most accurate?

log10A/B =

If A is greater than B, C is less than A, and B is greater than C, then which of the following is true?

What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 36 and diagonals of 39?

In a class of 200 students, 120 students take Italian, and 100 study Spanish. If a student must study at least one of these languages, what percent of the students study Spanish but not Italian?

A drawer contains red socks, black socks, and white socks. What is the least number of socks that must be taken out of the drawer to be sure of having 4 pairs of socks.

The sales tax rate in a small town is 8% of which the town keeps all the proceeds. The town is saving for a new traffic meter which costs $124. How much must the town sell to earn enough money to purchase the new traffic meter?

What is the point that is exactly midway between (6, 1) and (2, 5)?

A builder has a wooden board measuring 189" long. She needs to cut this board into 15 separate boards. What should the length of each board be?

y-2y8y-6 is equivalent to:

(YB is parallel to ZD)

If BAC = (a + 30) degrees, then ACD expressed in terms of a is:

Factor completely: 2x2 - 2x - 12.

John has 3 pants and 4 shirts ready for wear on a particular day. How many different outfits can John choose?

A right triangle has a hypotenuse of 30 inches and a first leg of 18 inches. What is the length of the second leg?

16.49 is closest to:

(-2)2 - 4(-2) =

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