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Тест: CLEP - Natural Sciences

Описание теста:
The Natural Science exam tests your knowledge and utilization of principles, concepts, and ideas in the biological and physical sciences. The exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions from the traditional areas of the natural sciences. The exam is taken in two seperatly timed 45-minute sections, one covering biological science and the other covering physical science.
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In the prophase of mitosis,


Eutrophication of a lake may occur

Etiolation in plants is a result of:

When one population cannot survive without the benefits received from another population, the relationship is called:

Niacin functions in maintaining

Sulfur is important in an ecosystem because it is:

Fats, like carbohydrates are composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, but differ from them by having:

A deficiency of folic acid could result in:

An organism capable of synthesizing its own food is described as:

The union of a sperm and an egg is called:

The loss of water by transpiration is the result of

The "dark" reactions of photosynthesis take place in portions of the chloroplast called:

Fibrinogen is:

You would expect to observe moose and spruce in the:

Amino acids contain a carboxyl group, -COOH and an amino group,

What is the probability that any one child will be a boy?

In an individual with genotype AaBb, the probability of producing gametes with dominant genes ("AB") is


A change in the sequence of nucleotides in DNA is called

In the "dark reactions" of photosynthesis,

An ecological niche

In the human circulatory system, leakage of blood back into the heart is prevented by the:

When electricity flows through a wire wound in the form of a coil, the coil functions as

Material which transmit no light are referred to as

When a hard rubber ball is rubbed by wool, it

The phenomenon called interference is produced when

When an object exhibits inertia it

The inward force that is necessary to keep an object in circular motion is called

According to Einstein's theory of relativity, as the speed of a spaceship approaches the speed of light,

During a solar eclipse

One evidence of the earth's rotation is

Rocks formed by solidification of molten material are called

An earthquake that follows a larger earthquake and originates at or near the same focus is called

An object traveling at mach 2 is traveling approximately how many miles per hour?

When white light is directed through a glass prism a spectrum is formed by its

A fundamental atomic particle that is electrically neutral is a/an

A particle in the nucleus of an atom having about the same mass as the proton is

Two elements cannot be combined chemically to make

When a vapor condenses into a liquid

Which atom is the heaviest?

Evaporation is a cooling process because

Which of the following are not electromagnetic in nature?

The nitrogen base present in RNA but not in DNA is:

A compound that is split during photosynthesis is:

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