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Тест: CLEP - Management

Описание теста:
The Subject Examination in Principles of Management covers the material usually taught in an introductory course in the essentials of management and organization. The exam is 90 minutes long and includes approximately 100 multiple-choice questions to be answered in two separately timed 45-minute sections.
Questions on the exam require candidates to demonstrate one or more of the following abilities.
1) Specific factual knowledge, recall, and general understanding of purposes, functions, and techniques of management (about 10 percent of the exam)
2) Understanding of and ability to associate the meaning of specific terminology with important management ideas, processes, techniques, concepts, and elements (about 40 percent of the exam)
3) Understanding of theory and significant underlying assumptions, concepts, and limitations of management data, including a comprehension of the rationale of procedures, methods, and analyses (about 40 percent of the exam)
4) Application of knowledge, general concepts, and principles to specific problems (about 10 percent of the exam)
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Which of the following is not a basic function of the management process?

Which of the following functions or activities requires recruiting and placing qualified personnel needed for the organization so that it may achieve its objectives and goals?

Who studied the nature of specific jobs, and broke the tasks into basic work units with the end result providing the one right way to perform the job?

The Hawthorne studies:

The Behavioral approach to management focused on:

The external environment factor that states: The values and culture that affect the way people feel about the organization they are in and about work itself is

The external environment factor that includes: Factors that have a less immediate effect on a business such as the nation's rate of inflation or recession, unemployment rate, or standard of living, is

The resources within an organization, used to achieve its goal, make up the _________ of a business.

Strategic planning

GAP analysis

The SWOT approach assesses an organization's

__________ is the process of using the resources and personnel of an organization in an orderly way to achieve the objectives and long-term goals of the organization.

Which of the following is the most common type of departmentalization?

A manufacturing company has divided its departments into pattern making, fabric cutting, and fabric coloring. What type of departmentalization is this?

A ______ organizational structure is the simplest form and has clear lines of authority and ease of decision making.

The management of people/labor should be handled by what department in an organization?

When a candidate for a position is asked general, open-ended job related questions, they are experiencing what type of interview?

Which of the following is NOT a major influence on the rate of compensation?

Which type of separation is most unpleasant for an employee?

Leadership can _______ subordinates to help the organization achieve its goals.

Which source of power is based on an individual's knowledge, special skills, abilities, or previous experience?

Which source of power is based on a manager's ability to punish a subordinate?

A budget is what type of control?

A/An ________ is a formal evaluation of an organization's financial statements, performed either by an outside accounting firm or by an internal department.

Which type of decision making is carried out by lower level management and deals with specific day-to-day processes?

A problem solver is a style of problem solving reflected by the manager

The process by which a sender transmits content is known as

When a subordinate or lower level manager passes information or offers suggestions to higher level management, they're using which level of communication?

If a solution to a particular problem is not vital to the functioning of an organization and management is willing to overlook the causes of the conflict, managers may choose to use which type of conflict resolution?

A short letter written to a potential employer with a resume attached is known as a

A cost that varies directly with the quantity produced of a product is known as what type of cost?

A reason to enter international markets may be which of the following?

_________ is the process of getting results accomplished through others.

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