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Тест: CLEP - American Govt

Описание теста:
The American Government examination covers material is usually taught in an introductory college level course. The exam covers topic such as institutions and policy processes of federal government, the federal courts and civil liberties, political parties and pressure groups, and the content and history of the Constitution.
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In 1965 the United States passed the Voting Rights Act. Previous to this act, literacy tests were used by Southern states to:

Which of the following accurately describes the President's veto power?

Which of the following Supreme Court cases determined "one person, one vote"?

A "realigning" or "critical" election occurs when:

According to the constitution which of the following describes the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court?

Which federal agency determines the monetary policy for the United States?

The power of the Rules Committee in the House of Representatives rests on its authority to:

What is the correlation between participation in politics and socioeconomic status?

American labor unions have argued for many years on how they should be recognized by the law. Which of the following is recognized by law when regarding labor unions?

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