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Тест: Structure and written expression. Test 6.

Описание теста:
Structure and Written Expression - This section will test your knowledge of the structure and grammar of the English language. The items in this section will include a number of sentences which contain errors. You will be required to find the mistakes and correct them by choosing the right answer. Other sentences will be incomplete. For these, you must choose the answers that correctly complete the sentence.
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The Scarlet Letter __________ a novel about a woman who commits adultery.

It is important that all luggage __________ for identification before being loaded into the aircraft.

Metallic paints are used to paint bridges.________

The ___________purpose of the jury system is to allow people to participate in the judicial process, not to inconvenience citizens.

The __________ Neil Armstrong on the moon was a momentous event in the history of mankind.

__________ obtained by heating coal in the absence of air is known as coal gas.

The U.S. team to the first modem Olympics in 1896 reached the venue just in time for the games but performed much _________ than expected.

The Yellowstone National Park, in Wyoming, was started _________ in order to protect the natural wonders of that region.

It is not outdoor pollution, _________ indoor pollution that must be given more attention as people spend most of their time indoors.

Early European settlers found that the Indians popped corn _________ of heating them on stones.

__________ Adolf Meyer, the Swiss-American psychiatrist, who coined the term "mental hygiene."

__________ we manage the environment better, there will not be adequate supplies of natural resources for future generations.

One respect in which Disneyland __________ other amusement parks is in referring to its paying customers as guests.

Thousands of years ago giraffes had much __________ necks than they have now.

Different libraries have different periods of time for which members may__________ books.

Long ago, I gave up to try (A) to learn swimming as (B) I could (C) not get over (D) my fear of water.

Every year during autumn, careful gardeners have been removing (A) certain plants to be potted (B) and nurtured (C) indoors (D) till spring.

Having children to accompany (A) their parents to (B) the supermarket is more educative (C) than trying (D) to teach them directly.

Sondheim's (A) musical "Into the Woods" explores what ought happen (B) to some of the famous fairy tale characters (C) after they were (D) happily married.

Little Nicky wished that he could not (A) have to get up so early in (B) the morning, in (C) winter, to go to (D) school.

The (A) two competitors looked intensely at (B) one other (C), each trying to gauge the other's strengths and (D) weaknesses.

Unlike (A) modern clocks, most (B) old-fashioned clocks need to wind (C) manually in order (D) to show time.

According to space scientists, astronauts will have to land (A) on Mars in (B) the year 2007, after a reconnaissance trip has been made (C) by (D) an unmanned ship.

A large amount (A) of people have suddenly become interested in gardening as (B) it (C) provides a more (D) purposeful exercise than workouts.

William Taylor's coverage of the America's Cup Races in (A) 1934 won (B) to him (C) the first Pulitzer Prize given for (D) sports writing.

We had fried chickens (A) for dinner, after which we went (B) to (C) an ice cream parlor for (D) dessert.

Only a little (A) meals can be (B) prepared without (C) the use of (D) fats.

Of (A) Cicely Tyson's powerful roles in "Roots" and "Sounder," one (B) can't say which one (C) is better than the another. (D)

Citrine, which (A) is a light yellow quartz, looks (B) alike (C) topaz but is softer (D) than true topaz.

A major source of (A) indoor pollution is the combustion of fuels (B) as (C) kerosene, natural gas, and (D) wood.

When a space station has been established, (A) then it becomes (B) possible to go very (C) far out into (D) space.

An engineer tries to exploit (A) natural resources to the maximum to serve (B) a particular end, so also (C) an ecologist tries to preserve (D) the ecosystem.

In 1962, Kennedy said (A) that the nation should aspire to land a man on the (B) moon by (C) the end of this decade. (D)

Seemingly (A) that the (B) American Library Association is (C) the oldest (D) and largest library association in the world.

I could (A) rather have a good night's (B) sleep than watch a movie, however good. if it (C) is late in (D) the night.

Despite of (A) the absence (B) of specific rules for the purpose, an (C) experienced player knows (D) how to get out of dangerous situations in a game.

Due to an awakening of interest in nutritious (A) food, it is easier (B) to come at (C) a variety fruits and (D) vegetables now than it used to be.

Some children with an (A) attention deficit disorder find it difficult to concentrate on their (B) work or set (C) for long periods at (D) their desks.

Cycling is (A) a good form of exercise even if it (B) is on (C) a stationary exercising (D) bike.

With (A) judicious planning, TV watching (B) can be controlled so as, (C) instead of (D) passive watchers, we become intelligent viewers.

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