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Тест: Structure and written expression. Test 5.

Описание теста:
Structure and Written Expression - This section will test your knowledge of the structure and grammar of the English language. The items in this section will include a number of sentences which contain errors. You will be required to find the mistakes and correct them by choosing the right answer. Other sentences will be incomplete. For these, you must choose the answers that correctly complete the sentence.
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Chicory __________ and mixed with coffee to make a darker beverage.

When Walt Disney watched his children play in the park, he wished that there __________ be a park where parents and children could have fun together.

Since ancient times, silver __________ to human beings.

President Polk worked so hard that his __________ away from his desk was a rare occurrence.

__________ was revolutionized by the advent of the radio which gave distant events an immediacy.

A rocket propellant consists of a fuel and __________ oxidizer.

Yesterday I felt a little ill and today I feel __________ .

The three business partners decided to end their partnership due to a dispute __________ them.

Henry Ford not only revolutionized the automobile industry, __________ established the Ford Foundation, the biggest charitable organization.

Paperbacks sell ___________, as people can afford to buy them any time.

Through one's lethargy __________ could lose the opportunities to succeed in life.

Snow, sleet, frost, and hail are __________ forms of ice.

You'd better __________ from work tomorrow.

In 1871, a fire in Chicago destroyed __________ 1,800 buildings.

Please __________ a one-inch margin on the left and top of your answer sheets.

Jute is used to making (A) yarn, twines, and ropes and is blended (B) with (C) hard fibers to produce, (D) stronger types of rope.

When (A) radium decays, it (B) will produce (C) a gas (D) called radon.

Education professionals are now trying (A) to get parents take (B) more interest in their (C) children's (D) academic development.

If water is found on (A) Mars' moon, (B) its (C) components, hydrogen and oxygen. can be used (D) as a source of fuel.

Walt Disney saw his amusement park as an incomplete thing that (A) will (B) continually (C)get additions as long as there was (D) imagination left in the world.

It was an uneventful four days (A) journey for Apollo 11 from (B) Cape Kennedy. in (C) Florida, to (D) the moon.

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts honors (A) every year (B) American artists for (C) their (D) achievements.

It was only a little years (A) ago that literary feminism spearheaded by (B) female scholars made (C) its (D) appearance on campuses.

Chaplin would (A) never finalize a scene till he had tired (B) it (C) over and over again, wouldn't he? (D)

Goneril protested that it was not her (A) but her husband (B) who (C) was responsible for the inhospitality shown to (D) her father

The sheeps (A) from Australia are the (B) biggest source (C) of (D) natural wool

Some of the American presidents, Andrew Johnson (A) was (B) a tailor (C) before becoming (D) president.

The salesman's introduction was enough interesting (A) to get (B) me curious about what (C) he had to (D) say further.

Many (A) amusement parks similar with (B) Disneyland are (C) being established in different parts (D) of the world.

Signals picked up by several antennas (A) would be integrated into one image as if a (B) single antenna had been used (C), except many (D).

A recent study on health and nutrition recommends that we avoid (A) high-fat diets for that (B) the (C) risk of heart diseases may be reduced (D).

Once of (A) the space station Freedom is ready, eight international crew members (B) will undertake (C) a preliminary study tour to the station. (D)

The writer Thomas Easley says, I (A) wanted (B) to be a writer and that he still has (C) the urge to be one (D).

The bunch of roses in (A) the vase, by (B) my bed, have (C) surprisingly remained fresh for (D) more than a week.

The teacher warned the indifferent student that he was better improve (A) his (B) study habits or (C) he would fail (D) the grade.

In ancient times man found (A) gold unsuitable for (B) making weapons because (C) its softness and therefore used (D) it for adornment.

Joan Williams, the novelist, she (A) has taught at colleges (B) and universities and now conducts (C) a writing workshop (D) for adults.

When (A) the Europeans landed in (B) America, they found (C) that vast natural resources lie (D) unexploited before them.

Eleanor Roosevelt was the primary (A) president's wife (B) to travel by plane (C) to (D) a foreign country.

Radar technology has made (A) great advances, so as (B) it is now possible for astronomers (C) to discover hitherto unknown facts about the (D) universe.

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