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Тест: Structure and written expression. Test 3.

Описание теста:
Structure and Written Expression - This section will test your knowledge of the structure and grammar of the English language. The items in this section will include a number of sentences which contain errors. You will be required to find the mistakes and correct them by choosing the right answer. Other sentences will be incomplete. For these, you must choose the answers that correctly complete the sentence.
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__________must pay the admission fee.

When I last saw them, the police __________ the robbers down Columbus Street.

Erosion __________, but it constantly changes the features on the surface of the earth.

When an organism is completely encapsulated and preserved, it becomes a fossil, __________ turning into evidence of things that once lived.

The pictures of the Loch Ness Monster show a remarkable resemblance to a plesiosaur, a large water reptile of the Mesozoic era __________ to be extinct for more than 70 million years.

In our own galaxy, the Milky Way, there are perhaps 200 billion stars, __________ probably have planets on which life is feasible.

__________ John F. Kennedy requested sweeping civil rights legislation from Congress and successfully managed the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

__________, Parliament passed a series of new acts, or laws, for the colonies.

He is __________, if not taller, than his uncle.

The trapeze artist who ran away with the clown __________ the lion tamer's heart.

His heavy drinking___________ makes him a poor role model

Depression that inflicts people who become conscious of the lack of content in, their lives when the rush of the busy week stops __________ as Sunday Neurosis.

Just as there are occupations that require college degrees. _________occupations for which technical training is necessary.

Most of the older civilizations which flourished during the fifth century B.C.

The student asked her professor if he would have gone on the space ship_______ earlier.

Even after having their (A) grandchildren live (B) with them for ten years, the couple felt that rising (C) children these days was (D) the most difficult of all family matters.

The most important cash crop (A) of the farmers in Iraq is (B) dates, which (C) Iraq is the world's leading (D) exporter.

More (A) has been learned about the Moon that (B) any other of the Earth's neighbors in space because of the Apollo program, which enabled (C) men to walk on the Moon and bring back hundreds (D) of pounds of rocks.

Despite (A) the variety that the average (B) family has in (C) meat, fish, poultry, and vegetarian recipes, they find (D) most meals unexciting.

The speaker ought not have criticized (A)the paraprofessionals, knowing (B) fully well that they were seated in (C) the audience (D).

Although (A) there are 48 sounds in the spoken (B) English language, there are 26 letters only (C) to express these sounds in the (D) written language.

Iceland has (A) the oldest parliament, which goes as far back to (B) 930 A.D. when "Althing," the (C) legislative assembly, was (D) established.

The young woman often wondered (A) where at (B) the (C) estuary did the (D) river formed little rivulets.

The only problem with (A) the debate last week was that it had beginning (B) to sound more like (C) a personal attack than (D) a dispassionate, intellectual argument.

Susan Jones was at (A) the bus stop well on (B) time to catch (C) the 7:01 bus. but had to miss her breakfast to do it. (D)

As (A) her father could not drive (B) her to the airport, she requested her uncle take her (C) instead of her father (D).

Plays that (A) stress the (B) illogical or irrational aspects of experience usually to show (C) the pointlessness of modern life. (D)

A (A) famous collection of Persian, Indian, and Arabian folktales, the Arabian Nights it was (B) supposedly told by the legendary (C) queen Scheherazade to her husband every night (D) for 1001 days.

What may (A) the oldest fossil foot print yet found (B) was discovered in (C)June 1968 by William J. Meister, an amateur fossil collector (D).

Most of us think of sharks as (A) danger, (B) due to a lack of (C) information rather than fear (D).

When ionizing radiation penetrates living tissue, (A) it wreaks havoc on the atoms and molecules in (B) its path, setting off (C) a chain of events that can destroy living cells, or make them function abnormal (D)

Numerous (A) differences in skeletons and musculature distinguish the (B) two groups, along (C) the fact that loons, unlike (D) waterfowl, cannot walk well on land.

Most women have the capacity of bearing (A) children even after (B) the age of 30, but doctors advise (C) them to have children sooner (D).

The discovery of (A) the connection between (B) aspirin and Reyes syndrome, rare and deadly disease, is (C) a recent example of the caution which (D) drugs. must be used, even for medical purposes.

My parents moved out (A)of their old home sometimes (B) last year after they had celebrated (C) their (D) fiftieth anniversary there.

The library she worked in (A) borrowed (B) books, magazines, audio cassettes and maps to its (C) patrons, who (D) could keep them for four weeks.

The most common question that (A) people ask (B) a fiction writer is whether or not (C) has he (D) experienced what he has written about.

At (A) the World Literacy Center, an (B) organization that works to help people read, the volunteers work hardly, (C) enabling (D) them to successfully reach their goals.

The officers made it clear that they were leaving (A) her go only on the (B)grounds that (C) she was old and not (D) because she was above suspicion.

The book, which (A) is a useful guide for today's young people, is dealing (B) with many questions and problems that confront (C) them at school and at (D) home as well as in society.

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