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Тест: Windows 2000 Workgroups and Domains

Описание теста:
Windows 2000 Workgroups and Domains
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Please select the correct statement(s) for a Workgroup

In a domain, a directory database contains

A logical grouping of networked computers that share a central directory databases is called

In a domain, directory resides on computers that are configured as

What is the principal caracteristic(s) of Windows 2000 workgroups?

To gain access to each computer in a workgroup, a user must have ______

Which of he followings can be a member server?

Domain controllers do not maintain a local security database.

If all computers on the network are running Windows 2000 Professional, what type of network is available ?

The main benefits of a domain are

Wat is the minimum requirement to create a domain?

The workgroup name that you assign can be a

Please select the items required to join a domain.

You are administering a Windows 2000 workgroup. If you need to make changes to a user, such as changing a password, where should you operate?

You can join a domain ________.

When joining a workgroup during the installation, what should you assign?

In a domain, you create a user account once, which Windows 2000 records in the Directory. When a user logs on to a computer in the domain, the domain controller checks the directory for

Client computers running Windows 2000 Professional can

Which computer can you designate as a domain controller?

In Windows 2000 domain can share physical proximity on a

How many domain controllers and DNS servers must be online to allow you to join a domain?

When installing Windows 2000 server and joining a workgroup, the computer is added as a

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