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Тест: Windows 2000 Professional

Описание теста:
Windows 2000 Professional
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What are the elements affected by changes in this version of Windows?

What is the meaning of APM?

Select the features providing support for mobile users.

What are the benefit of the IPP, Internet Printing Protocol?

What is the specific improvement applied to the Start Menu?

What is the meaning of ACPI?

What is the meaning of IPP?

Which information is available in the Windows 2000 Security Dialog Box?

What are the file systems supported by Windows 2000?

Which file system is used on Windows 2000 supporting file and folder level security?

What is the minimum requirement for a CD-Rom drive in Windows 2000 Professional?

Microsoft Provides tested drivers for

To switch between programs and to stop a program that is not responding you must

To close the Windows Security dialog box, you must click on the

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