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Тест: Logging on to Windows 2000

Описание теста:
Logging on to Windows 2000
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What is the information required to log on to Windows 2000?

To log on to a Windows 2000 computer, a user must provide _____

What do you need to log on using a Dial-up Connection?

Users cannot log on locally to a domain controller because

Windows 2000 authenticates users who

To log on locally

To close all files, save operating system data and prepare the computer so that you can safely turn off the power, which button must you click on?

In the Windows Security Dialog Box options, the task manager provides

When you click on the lock computer button on the Windows Security Dialog Box, what is the resulting action?

You want to set-up a Windows 2000 workgroup, do you require a computer running Windows 2000 Server to hold the centralized security information?

Windows 2000 authenticates users who

In the password box, the password that appears is

What does the shut down button does?

The password assigned to the user account is

With per server licensing, CALS are assigned to a particular server. How many perclient computer connections to the server is allowed by each CAL?

Which of the followings items must be licensed?

For per seat licensing mode, what is required for each client computer that accesses a Windows 2000 server?

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