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Тест: Active Directory Service

Описание теста:
Active Directory Service
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Window 2000 is an operating system with integrated support for

For application installation, modification, repairs, and removal, what services are used?

How many processors does Windows 2000 Symmetric Multiprocessing supports?

Does Microsoft Windows 2000 support Direct X7 ?

Which multiprocessing type does Windows 2000 support?

What kind of hardware does Windows 2000 Professional supports?

For the highest level of security for VPN traffic across the internet, what kind of services does Windows 2000 Professional support?

What type of network does Window 2000 supports?

In Windows 2000, a workgroup is referred as

On which type of OS can you run a workgroup?

In a workgroup, a computer running Windows 2000 Server is called a

In a domain, a directory database contains

A logical grouping of networked computers that share a central directory databases is called a

The directory database is known as the Directory and it constitute the database portion of

What kind of server does not store directory information and thus is not able to authenticate users?

Which user interface provides additional feedback and sort options to view installed or available application by size, frequency of use and time of last use?

When a device is not working properly, what can you use to stop the operation and safely remove the device?

What must be defined in your application to make use of processor affinity?

Member servers provide

Does Windows 2000 require the administrator to restart the computer after adding disk space to an NTFS volume?

What kind of services allow Windows 2000 Professional to support for the latest laptop technologies ?

To logon locally,

In a domain, how many domain controllers store and maintain a copy of the directory?

Client computers running Windows 2000 Professional can

When a domain has multiple domain controllers, they

In Windows 2000, domain security and administration are

What is the maximum length of a computer name in Windows 2000?

To control disk use on a per user basis, which services is used?

For a copy of HCL, what file should we see in the support folder on the Windows 2000 Professional CD-Rom?

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