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Тест: Trouble shooting Microsoft proxy server

Описание теста:
Trouble shooting Microsoft proxy server
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What is the equivalent of the ipconfig command for Windows 95?

What is the use of the Route utility included with MS TCP/IP Networking?

When you are troubleshooting, what are the very valuable sources?

What are the registry editors included with Windows NT server?

What are the uses of Ping, the diagnostic utility included with TCP/IP?

What are the various Registry entries for the Proxy server

What happens if the network interface is defined in LAT

List out the various registry keys that are shared by the Web proxy services, WinSocks proxy services and SOCKS proxy services

Which of the file contains the information about the setup process of a server computer

What are the common errors that occur while setting up of servers

How the packet filtering problem of a Proxy server is rectified

What are all the common Web proxy client errors

The common errors that occurs in Proxy clients are

What are the areas to be checked if the internet application does not works

What are the valuable sources that are helpful while trouble shooting the network

The information on variety of subjects including several forums dedicated to Microsoft and its related products are known from

Which of the Microsoft's source contains the latest product drivers and other related information

What are the tools that are useful for diagnosing the network and the Proxy server problems

What are the Registry editor's of the Windows NT server

How the Event viewer acts while diagnosing problems

List some of the commands that are helpful to gather information that are specific to the computer, while trouble shooting

Which of the diagnostic utility print the name of the current host to identify or resolve the TCP/IP networking problem

Which of the Utility is used to verify whether the TCP/IP is correctly configured

Which of the diagnostic utility displays the protocol statistics and the state of the current TCP/IP connection

Which of the diagnostic Utility is used to print IP route table and add or delete IP table

Which of the command you use to trouble shoot IPX/SPX clients

What are the contents of the SAP table displayed by the Iproute servers

The general problems that are encountered by the users are

If the users encounter problems in the network, what are the areas you look in to rectify the problems

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