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Тест: Publishing Content

Описание теста:
Publishing Content
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Specify the features that enables you to publish objects to the internet without compromising security on your intranet

When the Internet Information Server (IIS) is automatically configured

How will you create a Reverse host route

Which makes the proxy server an effective Firewall product

The proxy server impersonates a Web server to the outside world while access to the internal network services are maintained by the

What are the protocols that do not distinguish between the internal and external Web publishing

What security measures you use for the FTP and Gopher protocol service to restrict access from the internet

The older web clients and legacy internet applications does not support extensions and they are routed by

Publishing on web introduces security risks to your network and how will you diminish those risk

Which method describes the ability of the proxy server to process incoming requests to an internal web, HTTP or server and responds on its behalf

Any computer on your internal network, that is running on HTTP server application to publish to the internet is allowed by the

On what condition you need to use different computers to run proxy server and IIS for web publishing

Which of the factors to be considered while running proxy server with web server application that publishes to the internet on the same computer

To maintain security when publishing to the internet the Reverse hosting works with

Proxy server takes care of connecting external requests to the correct server through the

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