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Тест: MS Proxy Server Overview

Описание теста:
MS Proxy Server Overview
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Which is the most important feature of proxy server 2.0?

Which feature gives users the ability to access web sites on your network through proxy server?

Which one is most necessary for running Proxy Server 2.0?

Why proxy server?

What is the advantage of configuring the proxy server

What are the advantages of the Microsoft's Proxy server?

Which acts as a secure gateway between your local area network(LAN) and the Internet?

The software or a computer running software that enables two different networks to communicate is called as the

Give a brief account of new feature called the Reverse Proxy

Give a brief account of new feature called the Reverse Proxy

What is the minimum requirement of the system to run Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0

What are the services of the Proxy server

What are the benefits of the Proxy Server

How the two network interface cards of the Proxy server computer are connected

How can you enable to block or receive packet types through ports

What are the other features of the Proxy server to enable you for efficient internet access

Clients running Winsock and SOCKS application can easily the internet through Proxy server by using the protocol viz.

What are the main aspects of the Web publishing

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