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Тест: Configuring Microsoft Proxy Server for out bound access

Описание теста:
Configuring Microsoft Proxy Server for out bound access
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What is the platform supported by Winsock.dll?

Why security is increased when you are using proxy server on your Intranet?

If you want to use both CERN-proxy and non CERN-proxy compliant applications, you have to install

What are the benefits of using proxy server for accessing intranet sites?

What are the steps you have to finish before using proxy server in your intranet to provide additional security

On which environmental basis the proxy server computer can be used in intranet

What are the benefits that are provided by the proxy server computer in heavily utilized intranet sites

Is it possible for a proxy server computer to act as a gateway between the two LANs to cache information

Intranet generally contains more sensitive and confident contents requiring more control than normal internet access. What are the features you use to increase more security on it

What is the advantages of using proxy server computer in the departmental LANs

What are the demerits of using Basic Authentication on intranets

What is meant by 'Undecode'

Which of the password authentication, automatically encrypts usernames and passwords

The security features that allows you to grant or deny access to a specific intranet site is

List out the summary of using proxy server in the intranet

What are the factors to be considered before configuring the server

What are the factors to be determined if you want to configure the client

As your network changes you may need to make changes to the proxy server configuration. When changes occur to your network what are the things to be checked

If the application used are CERN-proxy complaint for configuring client, what service you use on the proxy server

If the application used are not CERN-proxy complaint or if it used IPX you need to do

You can install proxy client through

Without using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, the installation of WinSock proxy client can be done by

If the client is configured by running WinSock proxy client setup program it may leave the empty folder as ~Mssetup.t and it can be reused as

What are the proxy server service(s) to be installed if you want to use both CERN-proxy compliant and non CERN-proxy compliant applications

What are the informations to be confirmed on the client if you want to install WinSock proxy client

What are the IPX environments where the proxy server is used

What you need to do for IPX clients to access internet sites

Give some precautionary tips for configuring WINS server

Proxy server more commonly work on TCP/IP environments. Is it possible for the proxy server to be used in IPX environments

Which of the client computer can successfully communicate with proxy server using IPX

If your network contains Novell NetWare servers or IPX routers they provide the network

If your network contains Novell NetWare servers or IPX routers they provide the network

The correct frame type and external network address in IPX configuration is provided by

What service have to be installed for the computer running Windows NT to assist in 'Trouble Shooting'

Is it possible to use WINS server and DHCP server on the same proxy server computer

Give some tips for configuring DHCP server

You can configure proxy server as a WINS client to the WINS server when

Where can you find more information about DHCP and WINS on compact disc provided by the Microsoft proxy server 2.0 training

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