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Тест: Configuring Multiple MS Proxy server for Internet Access

Описание теста:
Configuring Multiple MS Proxy server for Internet Access
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Why should you use the windows NT Challenge/Response authentication for all the operations that modify the array membership?

Whenever the IP address is changed why must you change the local address table (LAT)?

Which of the following can have more than one proxy server gateway?

What is the advantage of using Proxy Server Auto Dial

What are the factors to be considered before installing RAS

How will you get internet connection automatically by using ISP

To establish with ISP the proxy server Auto Dial uses

The Proxy server Auto Dial is activated

How will you install and configure Windows NT RAS and Dial-up Networking

What are the steps you follow to configure Proxy Server Auto Dial

What are the following steps to be completed to implement Proxy Server Auto Dial

How the RAS and Dial-up networking are automatically installed

After installing the proxy server and if the port usage is selected for Dial out and receive calls or Receive calls only then the server is configured as

In order to minimize the opportunities for security breaches, it is recommended to install RAS server

To get Dial-up networking you have to install Windows NT server along with

Dial-up networking is used to connect a client to remote networks by using a

What is a phone book

The system phone book can be defined as

Which of the Tab in New phone book Entry has to be chosen to configure the name of the 'phone book'

Which Tab you use to configure the Dial-up server and choose RAS protocol in the New Phone Book Entry dialog box

To select a level of authentication and encryption which of the Tab you prefer from New Phone Book Entry for configuration

Which of the Tab you use to configure to specify a terminal Windows or script file if manual intervention is required before or after dialing to establish a remote access from New Phone Book Entry

Which of the Tab you use to configure connectivity information required by the X.25 network provider from New Phone Book Entry

What are the TCP/IP settings that are available on the server Tab of New Phone Book Entry

The DNS and WINS address are assigned by

Give a brief description about IP address of the TCP/IP in the server tab of the New Phone book Entry

The header compression enabled for low-speed serial links of TCP/IP settings related to the option

After installing and configuring RAS and Dial-up Networking, what are the other things to be configured to use Proxy Server Auto Dial

Auto Dial involves setting up of credentials for

What are the additional user information required by ISP, when dial-up connection is made

You can configure Proxy server Auto Dial to connect to an ISP for users with

What you have to do, to regulate the dial-out connection time

The advantage of having dial-out connection time

Active caching cannot takes place when the

When you set dialing hours for specific RAS phonebook entry the information is used each time you dial phone book entry, and when the dialing hours are cleared

What you have to do if the Proxy server Auto Dial settings are changed

Which command you use to restart Web proxy service

The command you use to restart WinSock proxy service is

Which command you use to stop and start SOCKS proxy services

Which of the following has more than one proxy server gateway

You can route internet traffic across more than one gateway for balancing traffic load for

For balancing traffic load you can assign specific gateway for each LAN client computer for

Load balancing can be achieved by using

The central mechanism for ensuring accurate addressing of IP messages is effected by

The abbreviation 'InterNIC' stands for

The process balancing number of clients connecting to internet sites, supported by multiple server is called

The three levels of 'Name Resolution' in WINS environment are

How will you balance the load on your Proxy server if a group contains heavier-than-average users of the WinSock proxy service

What happens if one Proxy server is omitted from the DNS CNAME or DNS alias

Proxy server cannot communicate with each other

Proxy server enables you to setup distributed caching among

'Proxy server Distributed Caching Works' is known from

Distributed caching is implemented by

The distributed load enables downstream Proxy server computers to off load cache hits to other Proxy server computers in the array is effected by

By bringing caches closer to the clients

Cache hit rates can be improved by

Chaining is a hierarchical connection of

Chaining is a hierarchical connection of

Chaining is a hierarchical connection of

Chaining is a hierarchical connection of

Chaining is a hierarchical connection of

A group of proxy server computers that are treated and administered as a single, logical entity is called

Load balancing, fault tolerance, scalability and ease administration is provided by the

Proxy server arrays are useful in the environments

What are the inputs of 'hash' used by the each individual member of proxy server array to make routing decisions

Configuration synchronization of Array members

The system administrator enabled to change the array membership

The down stream server or client computers get frequent updated version of array table is determined by

Proxy server array members keep a client automatic configuration file to download

Proxy server computers may change their array's membership by

To modify array membership for all operations you have to use

Which command you use to view the list of array membership

Can you remove a Proxy server from an array

What is the upper limit of an array size

To improve throughput and to provide fault tolerance, in case one of the server fails

What is the upper limit of an array size

Array properties are common to all Proxy server services and the changes to an array membership can be made by

The Proxy server routes can be administered from

The chained requests from clients is routed through Proxy server computers or arrays and is supported by

The operating status of the Proxy server computer in the upstream chained configuration is detected by

Routing should be disabled in the event that an upstream computer or array

You can specify a backup or alternate route when

What are the merits of the backup route

Upstream Proxy server computer is able to identify which down stream Proxy server computer sent a request. This is enabled by

What will be done if the client request cannot be successfully routed on the primary route

Which of the Tab from Web proxy service you choose to enable backup route either to an upstream proxy server or proxy array

To route all Web proxy client requests directly to the internet, which of the option you choose from Web proxy service properties for extranet

Elaborate the abbreviation CARP

The CARP has been introduced by

Which enables individual proxies to query manually - configured neighboring proxies to find cached copies of requested objects

Which of the protocols provides compatibility with existing firewalls and proxy servers that are networked in an array

CARP has its hash-based routing and its freedom from peer-to-peer ring operations it becomes faster and more efficient when

The hash function of the CARP routing algorithm is computed for the

The Web proxy client requests can be routed within an array before they are routed to

Where can you find more information on DNS on the course compact disc of Microsoft's Proxy Server 2.0 Training

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