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Тест: Installation of MS Proxy Server

Описание теста:
Installation of MS Proxy Server
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In which file is the LTA information is stored?

When you are setting up a modem or ISDN adapter it is required to install _____ too.

What are the changes made when installing proxy server?

What is the minimum RAM required for a Proxy server installation?

What is the advantage of creating the 'customs LAT file' for the client [$F$]It make changes to the client computer after installing the proxy client

List out the minimum hardware requirements of Intel based system of your computer to install Proxy server

What is the minimum software requirements of your computer to install the Proxy server

What is the minimum requirements to configure Cache drives

How will you select from the Construct Local Address Table if you do not know which of the server's network adapter cards are connected to the internal network

What will happen if you automatically configure web browser during client setup Installation/Configuration

What are the changes made to the computer when proxy server is installed

When the Winsock proxy client is removed or disabled

The IP address that belongs to the internal network is defined by

How will you improve the browser performance and update the browser configuration parameters manually

What is the advantage of installing the Documentation on your computer before implementing the Proxy server

The computers running Microsoft windows can run the client installation and configuration through a web browser at

What has to be installed on client computers to use Winsock applications, to access Internet sites through the Proxy server

What happens to the services of the Webserver, while the client setup program is running

Which protocol has to be selected by clients if they need to communicate on an IPX/SPX network

What are the changes made to the client computer when Winsock proxy client is installed

The information in the LAT is stored at

The Window Sockets application on clients attempts to establish a connection to IP address is either from internal network or external is determined by the

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