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Тест: Packet Filtering

Описание теста:
Packet Filtering
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Proxy server packet filtering only applies to

Which protocol requires multiple filters or list entries to be configured?

What are the filter nodes provided by proxy server?

What is the purpose of Packet filtering?

In addition to the authenticating client requests with packet filtering you can

Packet filtering can block packets originating from specific internet hosts and can reject packets associated with many common attacks like

Packet filtering can block packets destined to any server service on your internal network such as

Proxy server packet filtering only applies to the

Each proxy server computer supports only

Proxy server can issue alerts for specific events such as

The alert signal from the proxy server for specific events are sent to

What are the different modes that the proxy server provides to control which protocol port is opened for communication

All packet types are blocked by the proxy server those displayed in the exception list hence the packet filers are called as

What are the parameters of the packet type

Which protocol require multiple filters or list entries to be configured correctly before the can work

What are the events that you can generate alerts

What is the function of the Rejected packets that is included in alert event

Define the function of the protocol violations which is included on alert event

The term 'Disk Full' can be defined as

What you need to do for alerting to be enabled

The importance of configuring packet filter alerting is

The packet alert events may be sent to designated recipients as an e-mail message using the

What are the necessary steps to be taken before sending an alert event as an e-mail message

What are the tasks you must perform before configuring e-mail alerts

Where the log file is stored

The packet log recorded information related to the fields of

What are the fields of the Remote Information

What is meant by the 'source computer' of the Remote Information Field

Define the term Src IP

What are the protocols to be used to make Remote Information Field valid

What are the local information fields that pertains to the local computer

The service computer is using service port number to maintain the connection with destination computer is called

Define the term Dust IP

The service port number of the destination computer used to maintain the connection with source computer is called

What are the log fields of the information fields that pertains to packet filters

The log fields of the Information fields that pertains to the packet information are

An alert event that is generated by a portion of a data packet is called

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