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Тест: Microsoft Proxy Server Architecture

Описание теста:
Microsoft Proxy Server Architecture
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What are the caching processes in Proxy server

Socks Proxy service supports socks version 4.3 socks TCP utilities so that the client can use application such as

Web proxy service is implemented as a

Select the proxy server services

What is the advantage of the proxy service on the internet

Which of the proxy server services supports the proxy requests from any CERN-compliant browsers

Name some of the features provided by the Web proxy service

Which service can provide secure Internet Protocol(IP) aggregation or the ability for multiple computers to use a single IP address

Which service supports the HTTP, FTP and Gopher Internet protocols

The application of the Microsoft Netshow, Real Audio, the Internet Relay Chat(IRC) can run from the client computer with the help of

Name some of the features provided by the Socks proxy service

The application of the Microsoft Netshow, Real Audio, the Internet Relay Chat(IRC) can run from the client computer with the help of

Which of the proxy service supports for the TCP/IP and IPX/SPX transports on LAN

Which of the proxy service has the compatibility with all existing windows sockets version1.1 compatible applications

Which of the proxy service log information about internet requests made by the clients

Blocking of the internet users to access from internal computers has been effected by

Which proxy service provides compatibility with all popular client operating systems and client hardware platforms

Which of the proxy service typically performs the functions associated with both clients and servers

What are the components of the Web proxy service

Which of the protocol is fully compatible for the Web proxy service

Which component of the Web proxy service can monitor, log, modify, redirect or authenticate all requests received by web server

What are the different versions of the WinSock proxy client DLL

Which file has the proxy server's ISAPI Filter

What are the benefits of the proxy server running as an ISAPI application

Which is responsible for creating virtual connection between internal application and internet application

The Winsock proxy service acts as a protocol gateway, if the internal network runs on

For network communication between application on the internal network, the Winsock proxy client DLL passes windows sockets API calls to the

What makes the World Wide Web service to forward the request to the proxy ISAPI application for processing

On which web site can you get the 'ActiveX Development' kit to get more information about proxy ISAPI Filter

Which primary component of the Web proxy service can create dynamic HTML and integrate the Web with other service application

What will be done if every time the proxy server ISAPI application receives a request from the client

What are the activates of the proxy server ISAPI application, to issue the HTTP request to the internet site

If a company running a small number of computers with proxy server for internet access, how they are benefited by the keep-alives

What are the different types of Caching used by the Proxy server

How the proxy server reacts if the data is not cached

If you use the Internet Explorer how will you refresh the object and cache manually

What are the functions of the Active caching

What are the factors that the proxy server chooses objects for Active caching

The proxy service for Windows Sockets applications are provided by

The features that helps the proxy server to improve response time for client requests are

The mechanism of the interprocess communication between the application running on the same computer or the different computers on the same LAN or WAN(wide area network) is called as

Initiating an outbound connection(for clients) and accepting an inbound connection(for servers) is supported by

Which system supports the point-to-point connection-oriented communication and multipoint connectionless communications

Which of the protocols are used by (a) Stream-oriented connections and (b) diagram oriented communication while the TCP/IP protocol suite is utilized by Windows Sockets

Define the term Sockets in Winsock proxy service

List some of the internet application protocols that are connection oriented client/server protocols

By what way the client application uses to communicate with another application running on an internet computer

In which server the Winsock proxy service runs

Where the 16-bit version of Winsock proxy client is installed

Where the 32-bit version of the Winsock proxy client has been installed

When the Winsock proxy control channel is well established

Routing information from the Winsock proxy server to the Winsock proxy client is effected by

The TCP connections from the Winsock proxy client to the Winsock proxy server is effected by

The Winsock proxy control channel maintains UDP communication between the Winsock proxy client and

What is the port number used by the control channel on Winsock proxy server and the client computers

The list of IP addresses and subnets of the internal network is present in

Which acts as a protocol gateway converting between IPX/SPX on the private network and TCP/IP on the internet

To establish socket connection between the client and the service, the Winsock proxy client DLL works with the

Where the Winsock proxy service forwards the requests from the browser

How can you get the maximum efficiency from Web proxy and Winsock proxy services

The SOCKS version 4.3a is supported by

What are the operations of the SOCKS protocol

Which service provides the mechanism for establishing a secure proxy data channel between client and the server computer

When the SOCKS client sends a connect request

On which internet site you can get more information about SOCKS protocol

The SOCKS applications can establish secure and transparent communication between client and the server and it uses

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