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Тест: Access Control

Описание теста:
Access Control
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What are the specific services allowed in web proxy service for access control ?

When will the IP forwarding be enabled ?

What is the best practice when assigning external permissions?

How can you restrict access to the Internet and other external networks ?

Which of the service provides many methods to control Outbound access

Define the term 'Internet Service in Outbound Access Control'

How will you limit full access, only to specific subnets

How the internet can be used as your Corporate WAN

What are the factors that restrict access to the internet, and other external networks

What are the services that the Web proxy allows access for the control of internet and other external network

What you have to do, if you want all users on your network to have full access to the internet

What will you d if you want to prevent all individuals on your network from accessing specific domains or sites

When the specific IP address, subnet or domain is excepted from the general rule

Which of the services determines the Port used by TCP/IP

How will you protect your internal network from the external network if you use TCP/IP

How the IP packets has been disabled automatically

What are the factors that prevents internet users from inappropriate connections

What are the different factors used by the proxy server, to prevent the inappropriate access to the internet

What can be used to secure and control users accessing your intranet from the internet

What are the demerits of your network clients, if you provide only outbound access

Name some of the features that can lessen your security concerns

How the network is fully secured from the external users on the internet, if you install the proxy server

What happens for the IP forwarding if you install Windows NT-RAS after installing proxy server

The internal and the external network connections are forced to use the routing information in LAT when

What is the advantage of your private network if it runs on TCP/IP

You need to configure the static filters manually, if

The data encryption and server authentication is supported by

Which allows the packets to pass freely between the internal and external network interface

Is it possible for an external user to exploit the free flow of packets between the external and internal network

The factor that protects the internal domains on your network from being reached by the intruder is

Where can you get more information about setting, trust relationship and understanding domains

When assign permission for the external users, what are the factors you consider to limit your network

Whether the configuration changes in packet filtering, made in any of the proxy server service is applicable to all services

Which of the properties intercepts and evaluates packets from the internet, before they reach the proxy server

Accepting or disowning of the specific packet types, datagrams or packet fragments that passes through the proxy server is effected by

When the designated ports are automatically opened for transmit and receive operations

SSL tunneling is enabled by default within the proxy server when the user is granted access to

What protocol you use to get additional flexibility and security for your clients, after configuring the proxy server

Along with SSL what you use to get the extensions from the authenticated server

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