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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - General

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - General
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The term host refers to:

Internet Information Server 4 serves the following Internet protocols
Select all that apply:

The World Wide Web is based on which protocol:

Enabling Audit policy is performed through the:

Your access token is created when you _____.

User Profiles are managed in which control panel control?

The Accessibility Options control panel controls:

RAID level ______ describes mirroring.

Disk _____ creates fault tolerance by keeping an exact copy of the same volumes on two disks controlled by separate controllers.

The only component whose failure is catastrophic on a server is ____.

_____ is the fastest standard of bus for the interconnection of mass storage devices in typical servers.

______ are high-speed links that uses connection shared media networks.

Services for NETWARE includes which of these formerly separate products:
Select all that apply

Services for NETWARE provides which of the following functions?
Select all that apply:

DHCP stands for

The WINS service translates:

The most effective way to reduce your client support burden is to

Which tool would you use to optimize Windows NT performance?

In Windows NT, memory is divided into pages of what size?

The biggest single bottleneck in most computers is?

Which of the following can the network monitor on a NT server track?
Select all that apply:

The most common hardware problem in a computer is?

If none of your clients can reach the file server, but they can share files through Windows 95/98 peer networking, the most likely problem is the:

If one of your clients cannot reach the file server, and you cannot share files through Windows 95/98 networking with that client, the most likely problem is the:

To view the event log, you should use the:

An emergency repair disk can restore

You can use the ____ to manage NTFS security after you've installed the server tools for Windows 95/98.

By default the initial paging file is determined by which of the following formulas?

You have to upgrade 300 DOS computers on your Network. You decide to install Windows NT 4.0 Workstation on each of these systems. How would you do this?

Printing priorities that can be assigned to a printer are in a range from:

You have a UNIX network and want to introduce Windows NT Server. What is the best protocol to use to connect to a UNIX environment?

You have just installed RAS on your NT server. Which of the following encrypted authorization methods provides the most secure environment for RAS connections in this network?

What server information are you prompted for during the setup?

What are the 3 steps in the setup graphic mode required to complete the installation?

What kind of computers can you add or remove from the security database using Server Manager?

What is the difference between a stand alone and a member server?

What can you do with the Server Manager?

What kind of operation can I perform with Server Manager?

How can I hide a share directory using the Server Manager?

What is the Micro kernel?

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