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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation 4.0 - Exam 3

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation 4.0 - Exam 3
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How much space must you have on your hard drive if you intend to install Windows NT 4.0?

You are assigned the job of rolling out NT Workstation on 50 identical workstations and 15 laptops. How many UDF files and unattend.txt files do you need?

What happens when you press {CTLR}{ALT}{DEL} when working with NT?

Which of the following is the best definition of a printer pool?

You are dual booting between NT Workstation and DOS. You want to remove the NT operating system. How do you do it?

You have a Creative Labs "Sound Blaster Awe 64 Gold" sound card in your computer but it isn't working. Where is the FIRST PLACE you would look to see if it's installed correctly?

The passwords in NT Workstation may be up to "_______" characters in length.

With NT workstation, FAT file names can contain up to "___" characters.

What can you do to allow a user the option of printing large print jobs after hours?

You want to test NT Workstation 4.0. The only computer you have is an NT 3.51 Server used for production. How can you install NT Workstation and still not compromise the functionality of the NT 3.51 Server?

NT Workstation is able to remember up to "______" old passwords for a user.

What is the smallest activity that can be scheduled by a processor?

You want to upgrade your Win95 users to NTW 4.0. They all want to keep their desktop setting and applications the same. How would you do it?

You are running a variety of Windows 3.1 applications. One of them is acting screwy and occasionally crashes. How would you run the faulty application so it doesn't disturb the other ones?

You keep getting a blank page at the end of every print job. How do you disable this feature on a NetWare Printer?

You are concerned about security on your NT Workstation when it is left unattended for more then 20 minutes. What can you do about it?

You want to prevent users from shutting down the system when logging in. How?

What is the minimum suggested memory needed to install Windows NT Workstation

A user account name can contain up to "______" characters.

What does a UDF file do?

You want to run your payroll programs at a higher priority and not have them interfere with the operating system or any of it's services. Which process priority class should you use for the payroll programs?

You're tired of that nasty old NTWorkstation with it's fancy NTFS partitions. You want to go back to your solid reliable old DOS 6.2 How do you do it?

You want to map to a share on the PDC in your sales domain. How do you do it?

You have an NT Workstation acting as a print server for about 20 clients. You need to upgrade the printer for the print device with the lest amount of effort. What's the best way to do it?

What is the purpose of configuring remote UPS shutdown on an NT system?

What to you HAVE to do before you can start using performance monitor?

You need to record a memory crash dump following an application failure what utility would you run.

You want to create a boot disk for your NT Workstation. Your computer has an IDE hard drive with 245 MB of free space. Which of the following files will you NOT need?

What is the RISC equivalent of WINNT?

You want to use a Macintosh printer. What protocol do you have to have installed on your workstation?

You need to make sure that your NT Workstation can communication with your companies IBM mainframe. What protocol do you have to have installed?

Where are the (2) places you can go to view information about memory utilization?

What type of installation is used when installing NTW on a RISC-based system?

You want to start the command ntbackup /r with a low priority. How do you do it?

How can you recreate the 3 setup disks that come with NT Workstation?

You want to make sure that hackers are prevented from guessing your password. How?

How should you set tasking if your NT Workstation is providing a graphics program to multiple clients?

What do you have to have installed on your NT Workstation in order to change the password for a NetWare user?

You put into effect a system policy for the SALES group but four of twenty five salesmen didn't notice any changes. Why?

You are testing the monitor type during an install of NTW. The screen goes blank and would come back. You reboot and are instantly put back into the Monitor Type selection screen. What is causing the problem?

NT Workstation is able to remember up to "______" old passwords for a user.

With NT workstation, FAT file names can contain up to "___" characters.

How can you send a document to a printer where you do not have a full time connection?

You are setting up dialup networking to connect to a local Internet Service Provider. What IP address do you need to use on your system?

You have enabled a Multilink dialup connection to a server with 3 modems. The server your dialing into is set to call back. What will happen when the server calls back?

You want to convert you FAT partition to HPFS and install OS/2 on it. You need to be able to dual boot your NTW 4.0 machine between NT and OS/2. How do you do it?

You want to install several network protocols but you don't have a NIC in your workstation. What do you do?

John is having problems booting his NT machine. You create a boot disk that works fine on your machine but will not work on John's what's the problem?

You dial into a RAS Server with 2 modems but you can't get the callback security feature to work. Why?

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