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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation 4.0 - Exam 2

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation 4.0 - Exam 2
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What service do you have to have installed in order to send a TCP/IP trap message to another computer?`

You have installed a new driver for your Adaptec 2940 SCSI adapter. When you restart your computer NT will not boot. What do you do now?

You are installing NT Workstation and need to make sure it's a member of your SALES domain. How do you do it?

You need to search the registry for a specific Key value. What would you use?

You have a DOS application that uses a TSR to manage a COM Port. How do you set it up to run on Windows NT Workstation?

You have been assigned to set up the RAS connections at your companies branch office. They have (2) ISDN lines with (2) B channels each. An ISDN Router. The computer is a Pentium Pro running NT Workstation 4.0 with service pack 3. How do you configure the RAS connect to allow for MAXIMUM band width?

You have two users who work with different files on the same computer. How do you customize the desktop for each user?

How do you add a path to the user environment?

What program would you use to search for key values in the registry file?

John has a notebook computer with a TYPE 3 PC Slot. When he's at the office he uses a 10baseT Ethernet card to attach to the company LAN when he's at home he uses a Modem card to enable dial-up networking. He wants NT Workstation to disable the Network card and enable the modem when he's away from the office. How does he do it?

You are going to upgrade your NT 3.51 machine to 4.0 but you want to be able to dual boot between the two. How are you going to do the install and configure your machines?

Which service is responsible for translating Internet URL's into IP address?

You need to make sure your resolving Unix host names to IP address on your NT Workstation. Other then TCP/IP what else do you want to have installed?

You have decided to set up an FTP Server. What do you have to have installed on your NT Workstation?

What would you use to configure your modem?

You install a new print device on your NT workstation. You need to make sure that all the Windows 95, NT 4.0 and NT 3.51 clients can print to it. Where would you set up the printer and it's drivers?

You need to do installs on 250 machines. They are all going to use NT Workstation 4.0 and have exactly the same applications. 30 of these machines are notebooks. Which files will you need to automate the installations routine.

Which type of Disk Set allows you to improve read/write performance but can't be extended?

You want to monitor the packet statistics on your Ethernet network. What do you have to have installed to pull it off?

Which application would you use to manage user account on an NT workstation?

How do you connect to a server running NetWare 4.1 that is using NDS?

Which type of 16-Bit window applications do not have to use a default NTVDM

How would you go about sharing a directory on your NT Workstation?

You want to monitor all the print jobs going to a local HP LaserJet that is attached to the network to determine which department is using it the most. You enable audit for printing and come back in two days and check the log. It's empty, Why?

You have two servers on your network that both have the SAME NAME. The first one is running NetWare 3.12 and the second is running NT Server 4.0 with service pack 3. The NT machine is a WIN and DNS server. How would you connect to one or the other?

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