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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation 4.0 - Exam 1

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Workstation 4.0 - Exam 1
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Which of the following files are required to run unattended installations?

What two groups can you belong to in order to share folders on your computer?

You are planning to install NT Workstation with 5 applications on 200 Intel PC's. All PC's already have the same hardware and the same applications installed. You will install over the network with an NT Server as the source of installation. Which files could you use in unattended installation?
Select all that apply.

You want to setup 50 roaming profiles, ensuring that the clients keep their current profile. How do you do this?
Select all that apply.

You want to install a tape device on your computer. Where must you install the device drivers for it?

You want to move an NT Workstation from Domain1 to Domain2 without changing any other settings. How do you do this?

You want to disable the Shutdown command from the Login Box. What is the easiest way to do this?

A user is complaining because their dual-boot system doesn't give them enough time to choose their operating system. You want to change the delay time to 30 seconds. How do you do this?
Select all that apply.

You have an NT Workstation with TCP/IP installed. You want the system to act as an FTP Server. What protocol or service do you need?

You want to install Windows NT Workstation from your CD-Rom. Your system does not allow you to boot from the cd-rom and you do not have your install disks. You do have an MS-Dos boot disk that can access your CD-Rom. How would you install NT Workstation?

You are installing NT Workstation from a CD. After the first reboot, you get the following error message: "CopySingleFile: Non-critical error could not copy file". What is the problem?
Select all that apply.

You want to leave your computer for a half hour, but you are in the middle of a running a program which is collecting data. How can you secure your machine and still allow it to run?

You want to send a document from your Windows NT Workstation to a printer that is located on another NT Workstation. You want to do this without permanently installing drivers for that printer on your hard disk. How can you do this?

You want to use Dial-Up-Networking to connect your workstation to a PPP server. Your ISP requires you to log onto a server and select a menu option that activates PPP on the server. How can you do this automatically?

JohnD has an account on a NetWare Server 3.12 named Accounting and an account named JohnD on NT Workstation 4.0. How do you configure CSNW on his NT Workstation?

You have an NT Workstation connected to a router. You want the NT Workstation to be able to access the router. Which of the following do you have to install?

What do you need to have installed in your NT Workstation in order to change the password for a NetWare user?

Frank installs Client Service for NetWare on his Windows NT Workstation. Which networking tasks can he perform from the computer?
Select all that apply.

In a mixed NT and NetWare environment, which of the following protocols must be installed on the NT Workstation in order to access resources on the NetWare server and the NT Server?

What happens when you run a 16-bit MS Windows based application in its own memory space?
Select all that apply.

Which statement describes a difference between the execution of MS-DOS and Windows 16-bit applications?

How do you run an MS-DOS, Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) application?

What service/protocol must you install to view stats on packet transfers on an Ethernet network?

What protocol/service do you need to send TCP/IP trap messages to another computer?

Your computer is setup to dual boot MS-DOS and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. When you select to boot MS-DOS from the boot menu, DOS doesn't start and you get an error message "No system disk error". What do you suspect is the problem?

Select all of the following file systems supported by Windows NT 4.0 Workstation?

A remote user needs to configure a Dial-Up Networking connection to dial in using a credit card. Which Control Panel applet would the user use to configure the modem to use a calling card when dialing?

You want to install Peer Web Services. What system configurations should you check prior to beginning the installation?

What is the responsibility of the print spooler in Windows NT Workstation?

You're getting a message saying that one or more services failed during startup. You don't notice any problems, but you want to check just to be sure. Where should you go to find out more about this message?

You've installed Windows NT Workstation on a partition formatted with NTFS. You have decided to install Windows 98 and make this a dual boot system. Which command line program should you use to change this partition to FAT?

You have HP JetDirect cards on your network, and you have TCP/IP with manually assigned IP addresses. No UNIX systems are installed on your network. Which protocol should you use to connect to the HP JetDirect cards?

Which processor type is not supported by Windows NT 4.0?

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