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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise - Exam 2

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise - Exam 2
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You are using account templates to create a new user. The new copy has the same home folder name as the existing template. What will user manager do with the new folder

Managing licensing on NT can be done with

You have accidentally deleted an important user account. You can retrieve the account by

You have a group of 9 reporters who occasionally need to share files. Security is a concern and print sharing is a must. Which networking model would you use

NT uses the following protocols when printing to a DEC network interface printing device

Due to the power of the Administrators account, from a security standpoint it is a good idea to "_____" the account

In order to create a new profile for one of the network users you would use the following application

There are three options under the call back option after you have assigned a user dial-in permissions. "No Call Back", "Set By Caller" and "______"

There are 4 different types of groups in Windows NT. Local groups, global groups, built-in groups and "______" groups

You have salesmen, managers and technicians in the field all logging on to your RAS server from their own computers. What's the best way to provide security and still allow them all access

You want to insure that your users are never locked out of their accounts. What would you do?

Users rights are assigned by using

The users policy setting are stored in which registry key?

You have implemented policies on both an NT Workstation and a Windows 95 Client what is the name of the Win95 Profile

System Policy Editor has two modes. Registry Mode and "____" Mode

You want to forcibly disconnect users that are still connect after their logon hours have expired. Where do you set this setting

You are administering your NT Domain from a Windows 95 Client. What tool would you use to promote a BDC to a PDC

What is the default frame type for Netware3.12 or later?

What is the default frame type for NetWare 3.11 or earlier?

Which of the following is the most common connection type as far as RAS is concerned?

PPTP is not an actual physical connection type. Instead it is a virtual network connection that is "tunneled" inside of an existing "_____" network.

Serial Line Internet Protocol "SLIP" only supports one transport protocol under RAS. What is it?

This protocol was designed to overcome the limitations of SLIP and to support Dynamic server-based IP addressing

Which of the following Transport Protocols is not supported by RAS

Which NT tools is used primarily to start and stop the Remote Access Service?

What is the 1st thing that has to happen before users can dial into a RAS Server

What is the name of the client/dial out component of RAS?

When you copy a user account what else other then the Users Full Name DOESN'T get copies

You have 10,000 user accounts. 250 Groups and 5,000 computer accounts. Roughly what will the size of your Directory Services Database?

You have 10,000 user accounts. 250 Groups and 5,000 computer accounts. Roughly what will the size of your Directory Services Database?

Which computer is always the Domain Master Browser?

Which NT Server tool should you use to manage users on an NT Server computer remotely from an Windows NT Workstation?

What command line utility can you use to determine if TCP/IP is correctly installed on your NT Server?

Which connection protocol is older and commonly associated with UNIX computer?

You want to use Network Monitor but are concerned about the overhead it will place on your CPU. What is one thing you can do to reduce Network Monitor's CPU processing overhead?

You're pretty sure someone is using the SMS version of Network Monitor to connect to your machine and capture data. While security is not a real big concern what is one thing you could do to prevent this from occurring?

Which program would you use to detect which computer on a local segment is causing the most network traffic?

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