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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise - Exam 1

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise - Exam 1
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What is the maximum number of physical disks that Windows NT Server RAID fault-tolerance supports?

What are the limitations of the local user account?

After a trust relationship has been established between two domains, users may access resources across domains because

The TCP/IP subnet mask is

DHCP can be used on a Windows NT network to

If you shut down a Windows NT server that is a master browser, you must

What switch is used with the Windows NT server installation program to suppress the creation of floppy startup disks?

When configuring a Windows NT server to connect to a NETWARE 3.11 server using Ethernet, it is very likely that the correct frame type will be

Which of the following volume formatting types supports volume extension?

What Windows NT Server utility is used for disk fault-tolerance configuration?

Which of the following statements about global groups is true?
Select all that apply

Which built in local group is found only on domain controllers?

Which of the following workstation platforms can join a Windows NT domain?

Where is the user profile for Windows NT workstations stored?

A user belongs to a local group of a domain controller that is assigned No Access rights to a file share on that server. This user also belongs to another local group that is assigned Change permissions to the same file share. What is this users effective permission to the files share?

What service does Windows NT server use to connect to files or printers on NETWARE servers?

Which of the following is a utility that you can use to discover the IP address and subnet mask assigned to a Windows NT computer?

What utility do you use to monitor RAS connections from the Windows NT server console?

The protocol you use to translate Ethernet MAC addresses to IP addresses on a TCP/IP network is

Which program provides hardware detection when an Intel-based Windows NT Server boots?

You perform an emergency repair to a Windows NT computer using what utility?

What is the name of disk mirroring in combination with independent disk controller cards for each physical disk drive?

What utility do you use to extend a volume set?

The most secure disk fault-tolerance supported by Windows NT server is

What type of information can be put on a stripe set?

What type of drives can be used to create a RAID 5 array?

You want to implement security on the various services running under NT. How would you go about doing this?

What is the recommended maximum size of the Directory Services Database?

What is the maximum size you can set Network Monitor's buffer to?

At a very basic level what protocol is used to link an NT Server with a NetWare Server.

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