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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - Networking

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - Networking
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When installing NT you have to provide a unique NetBIOS name of up to "______" characters

What is the time interval between when a backup browser will request an updated browse list from the master browser

What is the default size of the change log

Which of the following is not a type of Browser

Most of the parameters of Directory Replication can be configured within Server Manager. Two of them however have to be done at the registry level. One of them is "Interval" what's the other?

Which of the following procedures can be used to demote a Backup Domain Controller to a member server?

What is the name of the Microsoft tool for publishing web pages?

You want to share your NT Server resources with an NetWare Server. What do you have to install

Print permissions much like other permissions in NT are cumulative which one is it?

Which of the following IS NOT a Internet Domain Name root

An IP address contains two important id's the first is the network ID the second is the "________"

The task of manually managing IP addresses has become more and more complex as your network size increases. What do you need to do to automate the process of assigning IP address.

You want to be able to manage user accounts on your NetWare 3.12 servers using User Manager for Domains. How are you going to do it?

Which networking protocol would be most efficient for a large heterogeneous network.

Moving users from NetWare to NT is usually referred to as "_____"

PPP provides support for the many different protocols. Which of the following is a protocol that is NOT supported by PPP

Which of the following protocols offers the widest range of supported operating systems?

You want to manage NDS "NetWare Directory Services" from your NT Workstation Client. You have installed CSNW what else do you have to do?

You want to make sure that your NT Server advertises it's services such as SQL Server or SNA Server to all NetWare Servers. How do you do it?

An IP address is a

Which utility would you use to manage static IP routing on an NT Server

Which piece of software allows Windows NT Server computers to share their routing tables dynamically?

Network Monitor is able to capture four types of data. Which of the following is NOT capturable?

You have decided to implement IP Routing on your NT Server. Which type of IP Routers aren't capable of automatically building a routing table

You have 200 users that need to access a database on your NT file server. You want to make sure they are getting the fastest possible read/writes. Which disk configuration should you use?

Which part of the IP Addressing scheme allows the transport protocol to determine whether network traffic destined for a given IP address should be transmitted on the local subnet or whether it should be routed to a remote subnet

You want to migrate users from a NetWare Server to an NT Server what do you have to have installed

During a browser election what criteria is used to determine which computer will function as the master browser

Where is a user profile normally stored?

What does the ReplicationGovernor control?

In order to avoid confusion during migration as far as dealing with duplicate user and group accounts is to create a "______"

Why would you normally install DHCP Relay Agent?

You want to use TCP/IP to forward NetBIOS traffic and enable browsing across several subnets. One way is to use a WINS server. What is the other method?

You have installed NWLink IPX/SPX compatible transport but you notice that your still only able to browse a single network segment. What is most likely the cause?

You have installed a WINS server to allow your clients to access the Internet. They are still not able to browser web sites. What is most likely the problem?

You have purchased a third party router and notice that it will not forwarding your NetBIOS broadcast traffic, Why?

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