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Тест: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - Domains & Trusts

Описание теста:
Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 - Domains &
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You are designing a network and trying to decide which domain model to use. The only requirement/restrictions are that you want centralized account administration for about 750 users. You also want department administrators to have control of their local resources. Which domain model will best meet all your requirements?

You have landed a new job as the administrator of a Windows NT server network in a very large military base. The network is composed of about 80,000 users located in multiple buildings across the base. You want centralized control of all user accounts. Which directory services architecture should you use?

Which monitor should you use under Performance Monitor if you want to get a baseline of all processor active. Note your server is using (4) Pentium Pro Processors.

The most recommend number of users for a Master domain is about "_____" after that another domain model should be considered.

What is the generally recommended maximum number of users you should have per domain?

It is recommended that the domain database size is 40MB or less, in fact performance will start to suffer if it's larger then that. Your company plans to have 50,000 users, 35,000 computer accounts and about 400 groups. What is the least number of domains you will need?

You are the administrator of a Master Domain Model with 3 domains. Each of the three domains are in different cities. The Master Domain is in New York with subdomains in Chicago and Kansas City. Each domain has ISDN 128 links and the entire network is using TCP/IP and WIN Servers. Users that are logging in from the subdomains are experiencing long delays due to the congestion on the ISDN connections. How can you speed up the logons for the remote users.

You have a single domain network that is located in two cities. They are connected by a wide area network link. The Primary Domain Controller resides in Kansas City. Users in the other city "New York" are complaining about slow login responses. What could you do to speed up the time it takes for the users in New York to login?

Which of the following would not necessarily be a consideration when planning a domain strategy.

In a Master Domain, which domain contains user account and group account information.

Your network is composed of a single Master Domain Model. The Corps domain is the Master Domain and the Sales domain trusts it. A user whose computer is attached to the Sales domain logs into the Corps domain. What folder will they be able to view?

Which of the following is not an advantage of the Master Domain model

You can control synchronization by editing the "_________"

What is the maximum number of domains that can be involved in a trust relationship?

You want to automatically assign IP address. What service are you going to use?

What type of NT installation should you do if you don't want your new Server to validate user accounts or logon requests in your single domain?

Which domain model would you use if housing the security definitions for specific pieces of your companies organization was of primary importance?

You are installing an NT Server that is going to act as a member server for the CORP domain. During the installation you get an error message that says it can not find the domain server. What are you going to do next?

You are installing an NT Server that is going to act as a Backup Domain Controller for the CORP domain. During the installation you get an error message that says it can not find the domain server. What are you going to do next?

You have several contract consultants that are members of the PARTT domain that you need to allow temporary access to the resources in your IT domain. In the future there will also be other part time employees that need the same access. Currently IT trusts PARTT. How can you give the consultants temporary access?

You are getting slow responses from your Server. After running performance monitor you come up the following readings. Percentage Processor Time: 80/22 Pages per second: 101 Bytes Total per second 84364 and percentage of disk time 100. What are you going to do on your server to increase performance

You want to make sure that there is mutual access between two domains. How are you going to configure the relationship?

John is a user in the SALES domain. You want to provide him access to a shared directory on a server in the MARKETING domain. He also needs to be able to change permissions on the share. The guest account is disabled on both domains so what are you going to do?

You have Domains X, Y and Z with 50 user accounts each. All 150 users need to access resource on a domain called CORP. How would you set up the trust relationships?

What is the processes called that allows you to make sure that all databases on domain controllers are identical and up to date?

You have 3 domains SALES, MARKETING and FINANCE. How would you set trust relationships so that users in the MARKETING and FINANCE can access resources in the SALES domain.

Your network has three domains called SALES, MARKETING and ADMINSTRATION all the user accounts are divided up between the three accounts. All users need access to specific files on a server in the SALES domain. How should you configure the trust relationships.

You have a single domain with 1 PDC and 3 BDCs. Users are reporting slow logon on the PDC. You check with the Performance Monitor Server Process and see that the average logon/sec is 5 or higher. What should you do to increase logon performance?

Your office closes one of it's branch offices. Your office contains a PDC and functions as the West domain. The branch office has a PDC and was the East Domain. You want to use the PDC in the closed office as a BDC in the West Domain. How are you going to pull it off.

You have an NT Server that has Microsoft's IIS installed. You need to make four different websites, each with their own registered domain names, you also want to run all the sites off this one server. How do you do it?

Your users are reporting that they are receiving very slow responses when they logon to your domain. With the use of Performance Monitor you have determined that the Logon/SEC for the server is very high during the first part of the day when most of the logon's are occurring. What can you do to decrease the workload of the domain controller?

This type of domain model is also called a mesh partially because it involves two way trusts between all of the member domains.

The network your installing has 4 File and Print Servers and about 50 workstation computers. The users in the companies 4 departments need to access to all the servers and you also want to centralize user accounts and management administrations. Which domain model should you use?

This domain model is consider the most complex to administer and the most costly in terms of network resources.

Your company has 4 branch locations all located in the same city. Each branch office wants to manage it's own resources and users. All the branches occasionally need to access resources and files at all the different banks. Which domain model would you implement if security was not an issue?

You have been assigned the responsibility for setting up a domain model for your company. You work for Widgets "R" Us and they have one Primary Domain Controller, four Backup Domain Controllers and over thirteen hundred users. You need to have centralized management off all the user accounts. Which model are you going to use?

Why is it a good idea to establish the Trusting Domain relationships before you establish the trusted domain relationships?

Your boss wants a report on the baseline activities of several key components in the three NT Servers in your department. He's trying to decide on more system components and perhaps faster hard drives. Which tool are you going to use get the information?

Which registry value determines the number of messages a PDC will send out to BDC(s) at one time?

You have one primary domain controller and two backup domain controllers. All user accounts, machine accounts and resource definitions draw security principally from the PDC's SAM database. What type of domain model do you have?

Your company has grown to the point that you now have hired three new network administrators. Each one will have a specific area of responsibility which are Accounting, Production and Sales. Which domain model would you use insure that each administrator only had control over his departments resources?

One of the servers in your NT domain is experiencing large amounts of broadcast traffic. Which tool are you going to use to determine which computers are generating all the excess traffic?

Your network has a server in New York with 75 clients and a 56K WAN link. You have another Server in LA that has WINS, DHCP and is a BDC. It has windows 95 client machines. You are receiving complaints from New York that login and boot attempts are very slow and browsing the network is almost impossible. Users in LA don't report any problems.
REQUIRED RESULTS: Improve the performance of the client computers in New York.
OPTIONAL DESIRED RESULTS: Reduce WINS & DHCP traffic over the WAN 56K connections. Maintain the same level of name resolution service with minimizing replication traffic over the WAN. You also need to reduce logon validation traffic over the 56K WAN connection.
PROPOSED SOLUTION: Configure the NT Server in New York to function as a DHCP server for local client computers. Configure NT Server in New York to function as a WIN proxy agent for the subnet in New York. Configure the routers in both cities to forward NetBIOS broadcasts.
What result did this produce?

Your company has five branch offices located in different cities. They are located in New York, Washington DC, Kansas City, Denver and L.A. The corporate office is located in New York and all of the branch offices are connected to it via ISDN WAN Links. You are charged with implementing a domain model.
REQUIRED RESULTS: 1. All Washington DC users must be able to access resources in Kansas City and Denver. 2. Users in Kansas City, Denver and LA need to access resources in New York. 3. Security and logon validation traffic over the ISDN connections must be minimized.
OPTIONAL RESULTS 1. Centralized management of all user accounts. 2. Each branch office must be able to manage it's own local resources.
1. Use a complete trust model
2. Place all the users in the New York Domain
3. Make all the branch offices resource domains.
Which results does the proposed solution produce?

Why would you want to establish trusts in the first place?

Joe has a user account on the SALES domain. He wants to access resources in the MARKETING and FINANCE domains. How many additional user accounts is he going to need to access the resources he wants to? Note: There are trusts set up between SALES-MARKETING and FINANCE.

Which of the following best describes the Trust Relationships that exist in a multiple Master Domain Model?

Because of the gripes you've gotten from your users concerning slow response time from your File Server, you're pretty sure it's because of high utilization of its disk drive. How can you be sure?

Your LAN consists of 3 domains. All the user accounts are maintained in the Corp domain. The North and South domains trusts the Corp domain. You want to have login scripts for all users. How should you insure that the login scripts you create run when a user logs on?

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