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Тест: Windows 98

Описание теста:
Windows 98
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The minimum CPU requirements for Windows 98 are:

How many different methods of compression does DriveSpace 3 support?

What are the types of compression that DriveSpace3 support?

By default, DriveSpace3 assures a compression ratio of _________?

Partition is the process of ___________.

How many steps are needed for Windows 98 to start setup?

What are the current technologies that WDM supports?

The USB uses a tiered topology that allows up to _____ devices to be attached to the bus simultaneously.

If failure occurs during hardware detection, what must be used to detect the hardware components?

What is the function of the Fdisk?

What are the methods that can be used to set up a FAT32 partition?

What are the new hardware standards implemented in win 98?

What does an MS-DOS name consist of?

You are installing Windows 98 on your computer. Your computer stops responding before the hardware detection phase. Which file will provide you with information on the possible causes of the problem?

Which of the following Registry subtrees contains information about OLE and file association mappings?

All computers on your peer-to-peer network are running Windows 98. What requirement must be met for you to access resources on another Windows 98 computer on the network?

Your Windows 98 computer is not working properly. The Technical Support department suggests that you provide them with detailed system information, including the hardware configuration and installed device drivers. Which tool should you use?

From your Windows 98 computer, you print documents to a local printer that is shared with several coworkers. Occasionally, the printer pauses or a paper jam occurs and it takes an unreasonably long time before you can return to the application. How should you configure the printer's properties to reduce the return-to-application time?

How much conventional memory is allocated to an MS-DOS application VM?

What is contained in MY COMPUTER folder?
Select all that apply

Which memory ring components are Protected by the processor architecture?
Select the best answer

How many threads per process do MS-DOS programs use?

When is the volume tracker enabled?

Where are the Network registry entries stored?

When sharing a file or resource, the administrator can choose from which user-level options?

What type of security is required for file & printing services on a Novell Network?

What IP class address is this:- 208.15.X.X

Which type of printing port features data compression?

What is the maximum characters allowed in the printer name?

Which protocol should be selected, for use with HP JetDirect printers?

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