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Тест: Visual InterDev

Описание теста:
This certification exam measures your ability to analyze, design, build, and implement Web-based solutions by using Microsoft Visual InterDev version 6.0.
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Before information on a form is submitted you want to compare it to information in the database. What should you use to validate the forms data?

A web page accepts user information. You want to validate the Credit Card information. You use a function to ValidateCC(). Which event should you use?

You are developing a web application that will be deployed on mirrored servers. You want to maintain session state. Which technique should you use?

How should you store data that is updated and accessed once a quarter?

When should you enforce a business rule with an MTS Component

What type of extension will you use if you are creating a streaming media file?

You have an html page that shows static content. There is no database access, transaction, or component involved. What type of web application is this?

How do you copy a web site from a development server to a production server when both servers do not have FrontPage Server Extensions?

What is needed on the client running Windows 95 to run MTS objects on a server?

How can you copy business object in MTS to multiple production servers?
Select 2

You want an image named image1.gif to appear on the left side of the window with text to the right of the image. Which syntax would you use?

What pieces are necessary to use ADO and ODBC to access SQL Server from an ASP Page?

You have two tables: Authors and Author_Titles. You want to perform a join that will pull Authors, but only those authors that have a match from the primary key of Authors to the foreign key in Author_Titles. What type of join should you use?

What is needed to use Visual SourceSafe from a client without giving the IUSR_Computer name access to check out files?
Select all that apply.

How do you ensure that the user installs the latest copy of an ActiveX control?

How do you specify a linked style sheet in a web page?

You have several DTC text boxes on a web page with a DTC Navigation Control. What else do you need to display data from the database to the client?

You want to create an interface that allows numbers to be updated and changed automatically for the end user. You will be using a web browser and the browser type and platform are not as important as speed for the application. What should you use?

You want to create some client side validations and you do not know the browser type of your users. What should you use?

Which would you use to send mail when there will be a high volume of users?

Which should you use to make your web application more scalable?

How would you deploy a web application to multiple production web servers?

You have the following phases of a project: Design, Development, and Deployment. When should you start creating test cases?

You are gathering test cases to test your entire system and how it will integrate together. Which testing should come first?

You are creating an international web site. Which do you need to concern yourself with?

How do you include a DHTML Scriptlet in your page?

You have an IP address with a range of to In the Web permissions, what do you specify to give these addresses access?

You have the following code in an ASP Page

1. Set Conn=Sever.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
2. Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
3. Conn.Open DSN=TEST,"sa",""
6. If RS.EOF and RS.BOF then
7. Response.Write "No Records"
8. Else
9. "Display Records"

Which code segment will be needed to retrieve a recordset using the connection object?

You have a stored procedure that has two parameters. The first parameter, Employee_ID, is an input parameter and the second, Emp_Name, is an output parameter. What is the proper format when setting up the second parameter in a command object?

What is the correct method for moving to the last record in a recordset object?

What is the proper syntax to check and see if any data exists in a recordset?

You need to access data from a mainframe. What should you be concerned with?

What are the popular databases you can connect to using VI?

Which one of the followings can be classified as server variable?

What are the HTML tags delimiters?

What is the file extension for a project definition file?

Using the ASP engine you can produce

The INPUT Type tag can generate

Select the valid Active Server objects

Select the available wizards in Visual Interdev 6.0

When should you use the virtual directive of the HTML tag INCLUDE?

What is the information needed to setup a web application?

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