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Тест: VB Distributed

Описание теста:
This certification exam measures your ability to design and implement distributed application solutions by using Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0.
Distributed Applications are client/server applications that use a network in a multi-tier architecture to distribute their presentation services, business logic, and data services. These applications often access many different data sources. The COM components contained in these applications typically participate in transactions, and they can be shared by multiple users and multiple applications.
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You have 2 tables Donors and Donations. Donor.ID is the primary key of the Donors table, and Donation.ID is the primary key of the Donations table.

Donors Table: DonorID, DonorName, DonorAddress
Donations Table: DonationID, DonorID, DonationAmt

How would you write a sql statement that would select only the donors who have made a donation?

You need to create a recordset that has full capabilities. You are concerned with updates on the recordset, but not concerned with new insertions. What type of Cursor type would you use?

If you created a component and wanted a property of that component to be read only from the client and read/write from other classes within that component, which of the following code examples would you use?

If you created an MTS object and did not want other users and developers to change the component characteristics in any way, which of the following choices would you choose?

If you had two classes in a DLL component, CBank and CAccount, and you wanted CAccount to be accessed by CBank and the client, but only CBank could create CAccount. And you wanted to instantiate CBank from the client, how would you set the instancing property for CAccount?

If you had a COM EXE server and wanted to use error handling to report a bad connection to a database, which of the following would you use?

Which of the following choices allow you to see all of the properties of a form?
Select Two:

How would you register a DCOM component on a client machine?
Select all that apply:

You need to remove a Com EXE component named MyClass. How do you do this?

You have a text box named Text1, and you wanted the program you were using to enter debug mode when the user entered “Stop” in the text box, what would you type in the Watch expression box if the Break when expression true was enabled?

You have a Active X DLL component Named Customer which has a property named UserName. You want to debug the component whenever the UserName is equal to “Linda”. How would you do this?

How would you set the CursorLocation on a recordset if you wanted to run a query and process some of the data, with a minimal amount of network traffic?

If you suspected a timeout error while connecting to a ADO connection in a data object, what would be the first place you would check?

If you wanted to implement Dynamic Load Balancing for an MTS object, what would you need to do to accomplish this?

If you needed to know how many controls were on a form, you should use what collection?

Which of the following can be dynamically changed during runtime?

Users are currently using version 1 of your application. You have created version 2, and want it to update all of the necessary requirements automatically. How should you do this?

If you were creating a User Document and wanted to check the container the users were viewing your documents from, how would you do this?

You create an ActiveX DLL document named MyDoc. You want to have a link from a static html page link to your page. What would you link to?

Select two benefits when you compile to P-Code?

You have written a version 2 application to you previous version 1 COM component. Upon compiling your component, you received an error stating that you are breaking the trust relationship from the previous component. How can you prevent the new version from affecting users who are using the old version.

Your application has 15 forms. You want to have a different help file for each form which will be activated when the user presses F1. What do you need to set to accomplish this?
Select Two:

You have two ActiveX DLL Documents. On Document 1 you want a link that goes to Document 2. How would you do this?

You are performing error checking on your application. You have already implemented error handling throughout your project, and you want to make sure that there are no more errors. What do you need to set to test this?

You are now in the process of testing your application. How can you cause an error to occur?

While testing your application an error has occurred on line 38 of a procedure. Resume next is used to return execution to the original procedure. Where will execution resume?

Which of the following has occurred when all variables in a form are set to Nothing?

How do you disable error handling?

Which form event will be triggered first?

You want to change the value of Label1 at runtime to say Enter Your Name:. Which syntax will you use to change this value?

A command button is grayed out and will not respond when it is clicked. Why is this?

An in-process ActiveX document project named "MyDoc", containing one UserDocument object named "UserDoc," is compiled. What is the name of the file that is opened in the container application to view the object?

Which instancing type allows the client to create a new instance of the object for each object that is created by the client?

How can you limit the number of threads used for objects in an ActiveX EXE project?

What is the main benefit of a dll component?

What are three benefits of Microsoft Transaction server?
Select all that apply.

If you add a role to a package and no users can access its components, what is the most likely cause?

Packages contain which of the following objects?
Select all that apply.

Which global variable would you use to display the number of rows returned from the previous query?

Which of the following data types cannot be used in declaring a local variable?
Select all that apply.

How many nested subqueries can you have in a query?

How do you define a local variable in Transact-SQL?

Which of the following is not an advantage of the three-tier architecture?

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