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Тест: VB Desktop

Описание теста:
This certification exam measures your ability to design and implement Win32 desktop application solutions by using Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0.
Win32 Desktop Applications are applications that are run by a single user on a single computer that runs Microsoft Windows. These applications reside on the hard drive of the user's computer and use local COM components. These applications can employ a two-tier architecture that uses remote data.
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A combo box is loaded in the Form_Initialize Event with:

Combo1.additem “Red”
Combo1.additem “Blue”
Combo1.additem “Green”

When is the Combo box Populated?

When should you use an out-of-process com component?
Select all that apply.

An old version of your application was created using the P & D wizard. You write an updated application and use the P & D wizard to create a setup program. You need to uninstall the existing program to use the new one. How do you do this?

You write an application for 5000 clients. Your boss tells you to only update users who need the files so that the network doesn’t get bogged down. What should you do?

How can you register an ActiveX code component.
Select all that apply:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
  Call Procedure1
End Sub

Sub Procedure1()
  Dim str As String
  On Error GoTo Errhandler
  str = "Procedure 1"
  Call procedure2(str)
  str = "Success"
  MsgBox str
  Exit Sub
  MsgBox "Error in " & str
End Sub

Private Sub procedure2(str)
  str = "Procedure 2"
  Call procedure3(str)
End Sub

Private Sub procedure3(str)
  On Error Goto ErrHandler
  str = "Procedure 3"
  Err.Raise "62101"
  MsgBox "Error in Procedure 3"
End Sub

When a user clicks the command button what will the last message box displayed say?

Using the P & D wizard, you want to distribute a user document. What files do you need to include.
Select all that apply:

You want to have a textbox populated by a listbox selection when a user clicks on the listbox. How would you do this?

On which of the following lines will the object 'MyObj' be created?

Line 1: Dim MyObj as ServerName.MyClass
Line 2: Set MyObj = New ServerName.MyClass
Line 3: MyObj.ObjMethod
Line 4: MyObj.ObjProperty = True

You are working on an application that has a form named MyForm. MyForm contains a status bar named MyStatusBar. You want to display the text 'Welcome' in the third panel of the status bar. How would you do this?

You want to create an Uninstall Wizard for your new application. What is the easiest way to do this?

How many instances of MyInstance are created in the following lines of code:

Dim MyObject as New ServerName.MyInstance
Dim MyObject2 as ServerName.MyInstance
Dim MyObject3 as ServerName.MyInstance
Set MyObject2 = ServerName.MyInstance

You want to set a property that has been implemented in an ActiveX Component. Which procedure must you use?

When is the KeyPress event activated?

Which one is better suited for record-oriented data?

Which property is required when you use the cellvalue or celltext value?

Select the benefit of the Data Combo control?

How can you change the Tab order for a control?

What are the ways to create Dialog Boxes?

What is the extension for a standard module?

Select the benefit of an Active X Document?

Select the Zero-based collection objects?

If you want to know the position of the selected item in a list in a combo box, which property will you use?

What is the browser object based on?

An event for a control combines the

Select the benefits of sequential access over random access?

How many check boxes can be selected at a time?

What are the features provided by the Combo box object?

You want to monitor which cell the user clicks, in this case which event would you use?

What is the benefit of sub procedures?

How can the windows be docked with the Multiple Document Interface?

How is the working Environment often referred to in Visual Basic?

What is the use of the Common Dialog control?

Objects in Visual Basic are created from

How would you best define a Project in Visual Basic?

What are the conditions when you give names to your Forms and Controls?

How can you define a Property in Visual Basic?

What is the syntax for adding to a control array at run time?

What is the difference between the array and the collection object?

How can you create a Front-end database application with minimal code?

In the Form_Load section of your form, you'd like to programmatically bind a TextBox Control named Text1 to an ADO Data Control. What code would you use?

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