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Тест: TCP/IP

Описание теста:
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Your NT Server in your office is connected via RAS connectivity to the Internet ISP Server through the ISDN communication. Now you want the Windows 95 workstation users in your internal subnet to get connected to the ISP. How should you do this?

You want the UNIX member workstations to print jobs to the NT print server's print device. How will you configure the NT Server.

You are configuring an IIS Server on an NT Server which is going to be used as a FTP Server and also a WWW Server. How will you configure it for the Host record to resolve ftp.microsoft.com or www.microsoft.com?

How can you configure a third DNS Server which is to be configured for supporting the load balancing of a Primary Server and should not participate in Zone Transfer Traffics?

You do not want to have trap messages from unauthorized SNMP Hosts. How will you configure the SNMP agent workstation?

You can ping the remote host using the IP address but not through NET USE P:\\SERVERNAME\SHARE. What could be the problem?
Select all that apply.

You are not able to ping the IP address of a remote host on another subnet using the NetBiosname but through you can ping it using the IP Address. You can also ping the other hosts on that subnet using both ways. What is wrong?

You want to logon to a domain controller in another domain from your Windows 98 computer. What entries do you need to place in your LMHOSTS file.

You planning an inter-network. How many ip addresses do you need?
Select all that apply.

A client app broadcasts too much to connect to other clients on the same subnet. What is the problem?

There are two subnets, each having a WINS server. How do you configure the WINS servers to share information.

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