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Тест: IIS 4.0

Описание теста:
This certification exam measures your ability to implement, administer, and troubleshoot information systems that incorporate Microsoft Internet Information Server version 4.0.
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Which of the following protocols is used for web documents?

Which of the following is a valid URL for a web document?

Which of the following protocols are related to email? (Select all that apply)

To install all of the IIS components, which installation method should be used?

Which of the following is NOT included in the minimum installation of IIS?

Which version of IIS is included with Windows NT Server 4.0?

Which of the following is NOT a feature new to IIS 4.0?

Which of the following software must be installed in Windows NT Server before installing IIS 4.0? (Check all that apply)

Internet information server is highly extensible through the

Internet Information server installation on Windows NT sever 4.0 requires that you first configure the operating system with

Select the components of the Microsoft Management console

MS message queue server (MSMQ) can act as a Transaction Server Resource Manager that offers

How can you visualize your web sites?

Which utility can be used to list a current transaction‘s properties and track transaction performance in MS transaction Service?

How many predefined reports are available in site server Express?

Which of the following items shows the usage of RAM at any given time?

If you increase the IIS Cache size, what will happen?

The Microsoft Back office family includes

In addition to Internet services, the Internet Information services application (Inetinfo) contains

Which format gives you more compatibility when you select the folder listing style to send to FTP users?

What is the function of the Microsoft SMTP protocol?

MS NNTP service maintains a number of internal data structure file with

Select the counters which are used to monitor different aspects of your network

Internet Information server is the base component for building an intranet or internet server solution on

What is the minimum RAM in MB required on the Alpha platform when you install Internet information server?

Select the right statement

Select the connectors supported by Internet Information server

Select the possible Internet connection types

Choose the component based transaction processing system for Microsoft Transaction server 2.0

HTML administrator tool relies on integrated component architecture based on

What are the views available in web maps?

Which directory security property do you use to set the FTP server access privileges?

In what way can you restrict the access in the MS NNTP service?

What is the Primary difference between SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0?

Certificate server includes a server database which is composed of

What are the web publishing tools provided by Internet Information server 4.0?

In which protocol the transmission control protocol (TCP) remains active during the entire session?

Select Transaction Server's components

Select tasks that used to perform the ASP scripts

You can see the Tab Directory Security, in the web site properties, what is meant for anonymous connection?

The Simple mail transfer protocol service supports

Which enables the server side scripting for Internet Information server?

Which item is used to specify the User account in IIS 4.0?

Internet information server relies on 3 tools for its administrative functionality what are they?

Who is allowed with the Anonymous access in the MS NNTP service?

What is mean by ‘Spoofing’?

What is the use of Public and Private keys?

What are the programming languages you can use to write an ASP application?

Index Server's optimum performance depends on

What are the tools included with Microsoft Site Server 3.0 ?

What is the purpose of internet information server metabase?

Select the internet Information server standard internet services

The FTP protocol is used for

Secure Socket layer (SSL) protocol is located between

What are the 2 programming techniques for the manipulation setting in the metabase?

Select the Certificate Server features

What are the ASP elements?

Index server is capable of indexing

Which of the following is administered by Internet information server?

Select the suitable situation

What are the features behind reliability and error-recovery of the connection?

Select the MailRoot folders in the MS SMTP service

What are the Windows NT server features using the SMTP service?

MS NNTP service supports numerous content formats including

What is the Primary Management Interface for MS IIS 4.0?

Internet Information server 4.0 does not support the

Windows NT workstation provides the functionality of Internet information server except

Which one of the following is supported by Internet Information server

Select the components of Internet information server installed on an Intel based computer

Which one of the following Connection does not apply in the Windows NT server licensing requirements?

Select the application supported by MS Cryptographic API

Select the file formats allowed in the index server

Select MS Transaction server service's main categories

What are all the administration modules included with Site Server Express?

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