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Тест: Computer hardware (A+ Core exam)

Описание теста:
Computer hardware. Preparation exam for A+ certification.
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A device, known as the __________, directs and controls the electrical signals racing around the motherboard.

The PGA chip has pins arranged __________, and was used in PCs using the 80286, 80386, 486 and the first Pentium CPUs (60 MHz and 66 MHz).

All PC power supplies add __________ to the design, which enables the power supply to be lighter, more compact and more efficient at converting power than a conventional power supply.

ROM usually stores only the Basic Input Output System (BIOS), which is __________.

"Under the FAT system, the cluster size is determined by your __________.

The __________ represents the speed at which data is moved to and from the disk.

The __________ represents the speed at which the CPU can access information from the disk controller.

Every file on your hard drive must occupy at least one cluster, even if its size is much smaller than the cluster's size. This means that it's possible for quite a bit of wasted space on a hard disk. To remedy this, you can __________.

Every file you store on a hard disk relies on some kind of file addressing system to organize the data. The most common file system is known as __________.

Which of the following are typical currents fed into a computer?

The millions of transistors found on a CPU chip perform the work of directing electrical signals to their destinations and __________.

A computer's memory is comprised of __________ that reside on a chip.

__________ is the most common type of memory chips used for the CPU's main memory; it is the basis for all main memory chips in all PC systems.

Cache memory is made up of much faster memory called __________.

A 3Ѕ" Double-sided Extra-Density (DSED) disk has a storage capacity of __________.

A 3Ѕ" Double-sided High-Density (DSHD) disk has __________ sectors per track.

The average seek time is the amount of time it takes for __________.

The average access time of a hard drive is the sum of its average seek time and __________. This gives us the average amount of time that is needed before a sector (chosen at random) can be accessed.

Why do some computer users still prefer an EIDE hard drive to a SCSI one?

SCSI hard drives have much faster data transfer rates and seek times compared to non-SCSI hard drives. They also generally have a faster __________.

A CD-R drive uses __________ instead of a read/write head to read data off a compact disc, which is similar to the audio compact discs available at any music store.

Color Graphics Adapters (CGA) provided four types of digital output. This output was defined with the __________.

EGA monitors have a maximum color depth of 64 colors and maximum resolution of __________ in text mode and __________ in graphics mode

The VGA (Video Graphics Array) monitor, first introduced in 1987, was then considered a revolution in monitor technology. It has the following characteristics:

XGA (eXtended Graphics Array) standard has a resolution of __________.

Monitors are used with adapters, or __________. The adapter used must match the type of monitor that is connecting to it.

High-Color provides a maximum color depth of __________ colors.

BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the mechanism used by your computer to __________.

Most system BIOS programs can only run in __________ mode, and are therefore, essentially, __________ device drivers for standard devices.

The Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) is contained in the __________ chip.

What is commonly identified as CMOS memory is really a battery-backed device that is written to only when __________.

The port address (hex range) for serial ports COM1 and COM2 are __________ and __________ respectively.

The port address (hex range) for parallel ports LPT1 and LPT2 are __________ and __________ respectively.

The port address (hex range) for hard drive controllers (8-bit ISA) and (16-bit ISA) are __________ and __________ respectively.

What is a jumper made of?

When installing jumpers or setting DIP switches, which of the following tools or parts of objects might be of help?

Creative Labs has been the industry leader in the sound card business, and has set the standard. Typically, sound cards have what sort of configuration?

Network cards need to have an IRQ, I/O address, and a memory address configured both on the __________ and in the __________.

Serial and parallel communications are defined by their transmission characteristics and __________.

Synchronous communication uses a single clock circuit in the transmitting device for what purpose(s)?

With asynchronous communications, which of the following step(s) is/are used to establish synchronization?

What is the function of the DSR primary control signal?

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