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Тест: Prepositions

Описание теста:
the most often used cases.
Тест составлен Maria.
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Don't interfere__ my life.

He usually gets involved__ everything she does.

That's fine__ me if we stay in tonight.

I see nothing__the picture.

What do you do__your free time?

I'm so unhappy! Mike's broken it__with me.

I've been lucky__my life.

I want to be__you always. I love you so much!

Will you__marry me, darling?

Anna has been married__Andy for 5 years already. They are so happy!

I've been__luck since I can remember myself.

I got an "A"__the exam yesterday. I couldn't be happier!

We seem to have totally different tastes__music.

How many lectures do you have__the timetable this week?

If only I could tell you how much you mean__me.

I love you__all my heart.

Coming over to see him means the world__me.

Being the best student in the group means a lot__my life.

His attitude__drugs will never change.

He's getting__well, I hope.

He's getting__well, I hope.

I'm so worried about James. He's always__my mind.

I've been calling David since morning. It's impossible to get__to him.

I've got my mind set__you.

I was looking__the mirror and asking myself what to do.

I'm so lonely__you.

You have just received an e-mail__me.

Sam is the luckiest man__the world to be dating Helen. She's so attractive!

Daniel can keep silence__hours.

I don't know what to do__myself tonight.

__25 years you are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

I couldn't belive__my luck when I got the job.

She reminds me__someone I saw many years ago.

I want to know all__it.

I want to know all__it.

I usually write__pen.

The train leaves at 2. We have to be__time.

Let's say we meet__5.

I've been seaching__you everywhere.

It's been ages__I last saw you.

I have never been__England.

Where do you think she is__the moment?

I have always wanted to work__school.

I'm so worried__you.

The feeling I have when being the best can't be described__words.

Ted has always wanted to take__his dad.

Where are you__?

There's something__the sky. Look!

Maria introduced him__the family.

You must take good care__yourself.

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