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Тест: Modal Quiz

Описание теста:
Modal Quiz
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You __________ help me if you don't have time. I can do the job myself.

__________ you help me?

You __________ go into that room. It's forbidden!

It's 2:20 and he said he'd be here at 2:30. He __________ be here soon.

I have a headache. __________ you buy some aspirin for me?

There are no lights on and no one answers the doorbell. They __________ be at home.

I __________ come to your party. I have to work.

__________ I make some coffee? I'll do it if you'll drink a cup.

You __________ seen her in Chicago! I know for a fact that she was right here in Phoenix!

Yes, I know that I __________ studied last night, but I decided to watch TV instead.

Where's Jill? She __________ forgotten that we were supposed to meet at 2:00 PM.

I __________ been glad to help you. Why didn't you ask?

Look! It's raining and Professor Johnson is all wet. He __________ forgotten his umbrella again!

You __________ turned off the computer when you did! You've caused all kinds of problems!

She __________ study last night, so she didn't.

Yes, she __________ been here yesterday. I don't think she was, but I can't prove that she wasn't.

I'm not sure where Dave is. He __________ taken Benjamin to a movie or to the zoo.

You shouldn't have driven so fast! You __________ had an accident!

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