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Тест: Punctuation Quiz

Описание теста:
Punctuation Quiz
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Can you tell me what your address is

I'm so afraid

The class was changed

Are you sitting here

I live in Los Angeles

What a great idea

What is your phone number

I went to Mexico last year

I don't expect to be home until after _____ call until after that time.

I was late for my _____ I ran out of gas on my way there.

This is what you'll need _____ a notebook, a box of diskettes, and some paper.

_____ I'm not sure I believe that.

He's lived in _____ .

You'll have to talk to _____ about setting up an appointment.

_____ is much smaller than Chicago.

He has a _____ son.

This is _____ I have no room for it in my house.

I _____ remember his name.

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