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Тест: Vocabulary Quiz

Описание теста:
Vocabulary Quiz
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A "puppy" is a small _____.

A "hamburger" is made from _____ .

Starting "on time" means beginning _____ .

"You don't have to do it" means _____.

How come?" and "What for?" both mean _____ .

If someone says "Cool it!," he/she wants you to:

A "whatchamacallit" is something that you:

"To veg [vedge] out" means to:

"He hardly worked" means that he worked _______.

I'd better "get a move on" means I need to _______.

Getting somewhere "in time" means arriving there _______.

A "ewe" is a female _______.

If I give you "my two cents' worth," I give you _______.

If someone says "Hold it!," he/she wants you to _______.

When the response to a question is "Beats me," the person responding means that he/she _______.

"I really pigged out" means that I _______.

Someone who "ticks you off" makes you feel _______.

A "tabloid" is a kind of _______.

"I'm beat!" means that I feel very _______.

"I'll be in touch" means that I'll _______ later.

"Uh-huh" is a very informal way of saying _______.

If someone answers a question by saying, "Beats me," he/she means that _______.

People say, "Chin up!" when they want to _______ someone.

When someone says, "I see where you're coming from," his/her meaning is _______

If you give your opinion on something and hear the response "Well, to each his own," the person you are speaking to _______.

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" means that you _______ something that's given to you.

If someone "has a short fuse," he or she _______.

If someone says he/she has had "one of those days," he/she means that the day has been _______.

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