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Тест: Confusing Words Quiz

Описание теста:
Confusing Words Quiz
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Dave had chocolate ice cream for ________.

Since our class is so noisy, we couldn't ________ Dave speaking.

I really need to ________ some weight.

Since I lost so much weight, my pants are ________.

The ________ of California is Sacramento.

You need to begin every sentence with a ________ letter.

The Sahara ________ is located in Africa.

Are all my students ________?

Why does Dave always ________ his socks?

You'll go to jail if you commit a ________ offense.

I think ________ the best student at Dave's ESL Cafe!

________ dictionary is this?

________ wife is beautiful.

I like English ________.

The ________ is fair and sunny today.

Albie the dog knows ________ name.

The students took ________ test at home.

I'm not sure ________ I can attend your class.

The ________ is the head of the school.

I wrote the letter on perfumed ________.

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