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Тест: Expressing Ability

Описание теста:
Expressing Ability
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Although it contains many difficult words, I ___ read this book now.

But I ___ have read it last year.

Because there were many long words which I ___ understand.

When you receive the new books ___ try to read one of them?

I ___ understand why you won't let me.

Can you find your way to the hotel? Yes I ___.

Can you pronounce my name properly? I ___ if you would speak more slowly.

Are you strong enough to lift that box.? Yes, I ___.

Will you speak more clearly please? I ___ hardly hear you at all.

I ___ only listen to my radio when my mother was not at home.

Can you fix my car today? Yes, I ___.

I ___ do that because I will get a sunburn.

Is it low enough ___ you to be able to step over it?

I ___ reach that apple, I'll have to use a ladder.

___ you just jump?

I ___ have known when she was coming home because I didn't have a watch.

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