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Тест: Reduced Adverb Clauses - Active and Passive Meanings - Quiz 2

Описание теста:
Reduced Adverb Clauses - Active and Passive Meanings - Quiz 2
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___ epidemic, international health organizations are taking proactive preventative measures against the spread of this terminal disease.

By ___, medical doctors are using robotics during open heart surgery.

When___ if he would support George W. Bush as the Republican nominee running for president of the U.S., the opposing candidate reluctantly said yes.

___ talking to her English Grammar instructor, her friend, Masanori, was having lunch.

Not wanting to give too much information to the jury, ___ declined to testify of his innocence.

___ the choices that we see before us, we must choose to finish our education before returning to our respective countries.

We must reduce the amount of drunk driving accidents on our freeways by ___ of this serious offense.

___ the explicit nature of his love affair with Monica Lewinsky, President Clinton refused to truthfully answer the questions.

I learned a great deal about international politics while ___ an essay on the proliferation of nuclear weapons worldwide.

If ___ extensively, vocabulary can be learned in a relatively short period of time.

___ with a proposal of an additional 24% in income taxes, many citizens might react violently

While ___ at the mall, Angela witnessed an armed robbery in Clarion's Jewelry store.

Since John finished his Master's Degree, his wife ___ able to resume her studies at the university.

William returned to school after ___ from his rather lengthy illness.

___, the police officers finally apprehended him.

___ the movie Titanic several times, I would rather see another film instead.

___ complete the research paper on time, the student asked the professor if she could turn in the paper on a later date.

On ___, Yumiko decided to stop seeing him.

Before ___ for the hospital, the doctor stopped by the pharmacy to pick up new medication for one of his patients.

___ a sound similar to a loud freight train, the Wilson family prepared for the destructive tornado.

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