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Тест: Reduced Adverb Clauses - Active and Passive Meanings - Quiz 1

Описание теста:
Reduced Adverb Clauses - Active and Passive Meanings - Quiz 1
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While ___ work, I saw an old friend of mine.

Before ___, I brushed my teeth.

I feel asleep ___ TV.

While ___ about adverb clauses, a mild earthquake shook the classroom.

___, a dog chased us down the street

Since ___ to San Bernardino, Yih-Ping has made many friends.

Peter went back to school ___ the phone.

___ yesterday, we saw many deer.

___ the necessary qualifications, she was not hired for a job.

Unable to run the entire 42 kilometers, she decided to drop out of the race, ___ her a heat stroke.

___ the age of 21, he was able to gamble in Las Vegas.

___, Martha was watching her favorite TV program.

Before ___ visit my brother and his family, I will need to finish all of my business dealings with my clients.

___ , the student won a $10 million lottery.

Since ___ his MBA studies, Selim has secured a great job as a finance manager of a major corporation in Turkey.

Joo Kyung always watches TV after ___ her homework.

___ his laser pointer to point to an example on the board, the teacher carefully explained the meaning of "animal" idioms.

___ to buy a car, she took the bus every morning to work.

___, I discovered that my stereo had been stolen.

___ so dry during the summer, it is prohibited to light camp fires.

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